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The secret to wellbeing

Are you always looking for that silver bullet that will transform your life with little to no effort? For it not to involve any hardship, sacrifice or involve building new...

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6 Best Natural Remedies for Acne

Pai is a leading formulator of certified organic skincare, believing that skin - no matter how sensitive - deserves the best ingredients. In this article, the sensitive skin experts share...

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Easy vegan hemp brownie recipe

Ask anybody you know if they love brownies and they are bound to respond with a definite ‘yes’!  We’ve created a delicious, easy-to-follow recipe that uses 100% plant-based products so...

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Where do cravings come from?

You may have heard that certain nutritional deficiencies can trigger specific cravings, for example, craving chocolate = lack of magnesium. There may be some truth in this however there is...

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Does Vitamin D Help Muscle Recovery?

Lifting weights shouldn’t be thought of as something reserved for the stereotypical protein shake guzzling, meathead-types that people associate with the words ‘muscle’ or ‘bodybuilding’. Muscle building needs to be...

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Does menopause cause hair loss?

For many women, hair is a big part of their identity. Alongside fertility, hair is something we can lose when menopause hits. Some women live on with a head full...

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How to take collagen powder effectively

There are different types of collagen and the most common one in humans is type I (about 90%). This kind of collagen is thought to be especially effective when it comes to your appearance because its molecular structure is similar to our skin. Plus its peptide molecules are smaller in size and therefore more bioavailable to the body, meaning it can be absorbed where it’s needed rather than just passing through and out the body.  But how to take collagen? This article explains how. 

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Should you eat oily fish or take an Omega 3 supplement for pregnancy?

It's always better to eat food rather than take supplements and this is what we recommend. However, it's not always the case. There are two big questions for pregnant women when it comes to eating fish for Omega 3. 

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