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Anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe

About one third of adults have on going problems with inflammatory pain.  And the reasons might surprise you. Exercise, although great for your body, can make joints more inflamed.  Especially if...

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Healthy meal prep ideas

Hi, I’m Georgia. Some of you may know me from customer service but in a past life I was a chef!  As a meal-prep chef for many years, the main...

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Collagen chia pudding for PCOS

Recipe by Hormone Nutritionist Hannah Alderson mBANT IFMCP This anti-inflammatory, blood sugar balancing recipe is perfect for those suffering with PCOS symptoms. Full of antioxidants, protein and fats, this chia pudding...

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Bright berry chia pudding recipe

Recipe by BANT Registered Nutritional Practitioner Neleta Winter  Made with yummy ingredients and Strawberry-Flavoured Skinful Marine Collagen Powder + Vitamin C to support your skin from within, this is the perfect quick breakfast...

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Salmon and dill frittata recipe

Recipe by BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist Stephanie Baker.  Looking for a quick and yummy lunch that will keep you feeling full and energised? Nutritional Therapist Stephanie Baker has the perfect recipe.  Serves...

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Brain boosting smoothie recipe for kids

Recipe by BANT Registered Nutritional Practitioner Neleta Winter  Made with Action Heroes Omega-3 Liquid this yummy chocolate smoothie is packed full of essential nutrients to help support children's brain health and development. ...

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