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For when you need a very high dose of omega-3, this incredible quality fish oil has more omega-3 in one small teaspoon than 28 of the best selling high street capsule. It works quickly and tastes great because it's so fresh.

Omega-3 content per doseOne teaspoon (5ml) of Life & Soul Daily Liquid has 3500mg of omega-3, including 2000mg of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), 1000mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), 200mg of DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) plus 300mg of other omega-3s, making it one of the most powerful fish oils you can buy.

Wild, Sustainably Caught Fish: We only work with Norwegian fisheries and manufacturers certified by both Friends of the Sea and Marin Trust. We never use farmed fish, only small wild fish which are right at the bottom of the food chain, meaning they contain fewer heavy metals and other pollutants such as PCBs. 

IFOS 5 Star Certified Purity: Every batch is independently tested on top of the two sets of tests we carry out. Your guarantee the oil is pure, fresh and safe.  Our results are published below. Our fish oils don't contain iodine and are tested for radioactivity.

Easily Digested: Not only is Life & Soul strong, fresh and pure, it comes in its natural triglyceride form which makes it easier for the body to absorb.

Ingredients: Natural triglyceride form fish oil from wild sardine, anchovy and mackerel + a little natural Sicilian lemon oil + a tiny amount of Vitamin E to preserve the fish oil.  There is no Vitamin D in Life & Soul.

Who it’s for: Everyone! Perfect from 12 years and up, but you can also give it to younger children.

How much to take: One teaspoon (or half) a day.

Calories per dose: 45

150ml bottle: Lasts one month if you take 5ml a day.  Two months if you take 2.5ml.

Packaging: 100% recyclable glass bottle.

Current batch & expiry: batch LSL41382, expiry date January 2024. 

Life & Soul is pure as pure can be, with no unnecessary ingredients:

Natural triglyceride-form fish oil from sardines, anchovies and mackerel (smaller fish with fewer contaminants)

Natural Sicilian lemon oil to give it a lovely taste 

A tiny amount of vitamin E (tocopherol) to naturally preserve

That’s it. Pure goodness in every teaspoonful. Or, as the scientists might put it, 3500mg omega-3 (2000mg EPA and 1000mg DHA).

We make it in Norway, then do the flavouring and bottling in the UK. Our fish are sustainably caught from clean, wild waters and FOS & IFFO-RS certified fisheries.

Even so, it’s always good to check with your doctor before taking supplements like this one if you:

are on any medication, such as blood thinners

are about to have surgery 

have health concerns or conditions

Nutritional contentPer 5ml teaspoon
Total omega-33500mg
EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)2000mg
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)1000mg
DPA (docosapentaenoic acid)200mg
Other omega-3s300mg
Vitamin E (tocopherol)17mg

Allergy advice: contains fish.

Current batch: LSL41382, expiry date January 2024.

If you need a good boost or have a particular health concern, take a full teaspoon a day (5ml). That will give you 3500mg omega-3 (2000mg EPA and 1000mg DHA).

For most adults and children over 12, half a teaspoon a day (2.5ml) will do the job. This will give you 1750mg omega-3 (1000mg EPA and 500mg DHA).

Toddlers and babies just need a single drop (1ml, or 700mg omega-3, including 400mg EPA and 200mg DHA). You can share your Life & Soul  with the whole family, or give your growing kids extra powers with Action Heroes, our children’s product.

And Life & Soul is fine to take if you’re pregnant. Unlike cod liver oil, it has no vitamin A (which can be harmful during pregnancy). Or you might want to try our specially formulated pregnancy product Mums & Bumps.

Keep your Life & Soul in the fridge once you’ve opened it.

It’s not the cost per spoonful that matters when comparing omega-3 oils. It’s the amount of EPA & DHA you get for your money. Here’s an example of why Life & Soul (previously Lion Heart) is worth every penny.

A recommendation is that 3000mg a day of EPA and DHA is good for blood pressure (EFSA approved health claim). One 5ml spoonful of Life & Soul gives you this for £1.58. If you were to try and get this much omega-3 from another best-selling capsule (ahem), you’d have to take 28 of them. Not only would this cost you £2.28 a day, but you’d be consuming 220 calories and have an extremely upset stomach.

More goodness for less money – what’s to think about? If you are still thinking, here’s a little comparison to help make up your mind.

One 5ml teaspoon of Life & Soul gives you 3500mg of omega-3 and costs £1.58.

To get 3500mg Omega 3 from other brands…
Eskimo-3 Extra6 capsules£2.96
Biocare Mega EPA7 capsules£2.38
Minami MorEPA Platinum3 capsules£1.75

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The UK's first 5-star fish oil

We have every single batch independently tested by IFOS. Your guarantee that all our fish oils are powerful, fresh & completely free from heavy metals and other nasties.

"Easy on the palate. Highly recommend for its purity and health benefits. Perfect!"

5 star review from Emily