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Change how you feel

Nothing to hide. We’re Bare Biology.

If you’re cynical about supplements, we don’t blame you. So are we. Smoke and mirrors, outrageous claims, lack of transparency and big corporates pretending to ‘care’ really get our goat. We’re the opposite. We’re for people who question everything, including us.

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best seller
best seller
best seller
 bare biology life & soul omega 3 liquid pack shot on white background  
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award winning

We tick all these boxes, and more, so you can relax.

Quality, purity and efficacy in everything we make for you.

Additive Free

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Complete transparency

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Made in Norway & UK

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UK family owned

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3rd Party Tested

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Free From Nasties

What make us different

Visibility of all our test results so you know exactly what you’re taking.

We won’t overwhelm you with choice. Our best selling omega-3 range, Life & Soul, comes in liquid and capsules. Perfect for the whole family.

You’re the most important part of our business and we’ll always look after you. You’ll never read a bad review about our customer service.

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life & soul daily omega 3 capsules + beam & balance vitamin d3 and k2 spray
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bare biology life & soul mini omega 3 capsules pack shot on white background  
best seller

"There's a few reasons why I choose to recommend Bare Biology in my clinic. Their fish oil range has high levels of EPA & DHA, giving you a therapeutic level of omega-3 with every dose. They test every batch for purity and they have a range of different formats for different needs. My clients who struggle to swallow capsules love the Life & Soul mini capsules. My kids love them too."

"If you and your family aren't getting enough omega-3 rich oily fish in your diet, I recommend supplements. I love Bare Biology's Life & Soul Daily Capsules and Action Heroes Omega-3 Liquid for the kids. It's a sure way to meet their daily need for ultimate brain health."

"Supplements are a lot like shoes, the quality is important! I love Bare Biology for this reason. Omega-3 is essential - particularly during pregnancy. I love the Mums & Bumps omega-3 capsules, I took them during both my pregnancies and I recommend them to my clients too."

Nutritional Therapist Uta Boellinger smiling holding Bare Biology's Beam & Balance Vitamin D3 and K2 spray

“I love that Bare Biology's Beam & Balance combines essential vitamin D3 and K2 in one supplement. Not to mention it's the most powerful D3 and K2 spray currently available in the UK! I also highly recommend their fish oils and collagen supplements."

"Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is needed for healthy skin. As we approach our 30's our natural levels decline. I highly recommend Bare Biology's Skinful Marine Collagen Powder + Vitamin C for a top-up! The natural strawberry flavour is so delicious. I also love that it's sustainably sourced."

“I'm a big fan of Bare Biology and my most used product both personally and in my clinic is their Rise & Shine omega-3 & vitamin D3 capsules. It contains high levels of EPA & DHA and 1000iu of vitamin D3. Two essential supplements in one.”


IFOS Certified

All of our omega-3 supplements are IFOS 5 Star Certified for purity, which means they're independently tested on top of the two rounds of tests we carry out. This is a guarantee the oil is pure, fresh and safe. On each of our product pages you can find results for each batch.

“A beauty must-have.”

“The female CEO changing the supplement industry”

“One of the best collagen supplements.”

"The ultimate skin plumper"

“Bare Biology’s fish oil is the Rolls Royce of fish oils and is the only one in the UK to provide the recommended daily dose of lowering blood pressure”

"The best omega-3 supplement."

women working on a laptop holding a bare biology vitamin d test kit


nutritional therapist jen warpole with bare biology collagen and omega 3 supplements