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Our Story

A human company you can believe in

Finding a supplement you can trust isn’t easy. In fact, it’s very difficult.

That’s what our founder experienced when looking for an omega-3 fish oil to help with her postnatal depression. A general lack of transparency about the fish used, the freshness of the oil and proof of purity made her life difficult at a time when she needed help. When you’re taking something for your health and wellbeing, you need to know it’s doing you good, not potential harm. This confidence can only come from having the full facts about that product. 

Junk food labels tell you it isn’t healthy, so you can make an informed decision to eat it or not. But if a ‘health’ brand hides ingredients and quality levels behind marketing hype, you’re not being given the full picture.

How it all began

Bare Biology was founded in 2013 by Melanie Lawson, a health-nut and mum of three. We didn’t go down the investor route, choosing instead to grow at our pace and stay in full control. We’re now a team of ten, supported by a network of brilliant Nutritional Therapists and expert partners who manufacture and deliver our product to our exacting standards.

Skinful Pure Marine Collagen Powder £39.95
Life & Soul Omega-3 Fish Oil Daily Capsules - Glass Jar £31.95

The health supplement industry has exploded over the years. Many of us just aren’t feeling our best simply because we don’t get what we need from our diet.

Sadly, our soil has become depleted and our food has become less and less nutritious.  As the need for supplements has grown, so has the amount of companies capitalising on that need. Millions are spent on advertising and marketing to get their share of your pocket. We do things very differently.  

  • We don’t have investors and our business isn’t run by accountants who have one thing on their mind. Money.  We have two things on our mind: The quality of the product and your happiness.
  • We’re in this for the long haul. Not looking to sell out to some big corporate down the line. We grow slowly and we don’t compromise on the important things like ingredients, customer service or employee wellbeing.  Stress is a big killer and we don’t like it. We practice what we preach and prioritize feeling well and nourishment over burnout.
  • We don’t launch products we don’t believe in just because they’re fashionable. You’ll never see a protein powder or a weight-loss tea here. We only sell products we know work. And we know they work because we use them.

What you get from us


Complete Transparency

Complete transparency and visibility of all our test results so you know exactly what you’re taking.


A curated product range

A curated product range which works for all ages and won’t overwhelm you with choice. Our best seller, Life & Soul, comes in liquid and capsules and is perfect for the whole family.


Care and attention

Care and attention. You’re the most important part of our business and we’ll always look after you. You’ll never read a bad review about our customer service

Our Promise to You

Everything we do is thoughtful and will always be meaningful. We want to play a small, but integral, part in helping you live a full life. Good physical and mental health are non-negotiable. When we launch new products, it is because we believe in them, and use them ourselves. We’ll stay small and family owned, so we never lose the personal touch or the control over quality. 

We’ll always listen to you.  And, to use that word that’s so important to us again, we’ll only make improvements that are meaningful to our business and the world we live in.

best seller

“Omega-3 was life-changing for me just when I needed it. But a quality one wasn’t easy to find, so I created this brand so you can feel the benefits without any worries.”


Our Key Differences


Complete transparency and visibility of all our test results and ingredients so you know exactly what you’re taking.


We won’t overwhelm you with choice. Ours is a carefully curated range of supplements we know work, because we use them.


You’re the most important part of our business and we’ll always look after you. You’ll never read a bad review about our customer service.

We tick all these boxes, and more, so you can relax.

Quality, purity and efficacy in everything we make for you.

Additive Free

Complete transparency

Made in Norway & UK

UK family owned

3rd Party Tested

Free From Nasties