"More than anything I just want people to feel well... and we have just the thing for that"

Melanie Lawson - Founder of Bare Biology

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Our story

One day back in 2012, I woke up and decided to start a fish oil business. My friends and family raised their eyebrows and smiled. Omega 3 had been a life saver to me as a mother of three young children, and I was a complete convert. But I was tired of trying to hunt down a supplement that was strong enough to work, fresh enough to taste good, in a form I could absorb, and with clear proof of being 100% pure. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make it myself.

My quest for the best

I set about finding the best fish oil in the world to put into a bottle. After a year of researching while the children were at school – and adventuring whenever I could get away – I finally found my manufacturer in a tiny fishing town in the far north of Norway. We’ve used them for all our products ever since, alongside our fabulous capsule-makers and bottlers here in England.

Hitting the stores

Back in 2013, I stared at the first 1300 bottles of Lion Heart stacked in my home office and realised that this was just the beginning. Our big break came a few months later when Liberty decided to stock Lion Heart. Hot on their heels were Space NK, Whole Foods, As Nature Intended and many more. We’re also lucky to have caught the attention of plenty of well-known health and beauty experts, bloggers and editors who sing our praises to their millions of followers.

"I finally found my manufacturer in a tiny fishing town in Norway, and we now use them for all of our products."

What’s next for Bare Biology?

We’re still a small company, but we’re growing fast. When we’re huge and move into the Shard we’ll still act like a small one, because this is my baby. I love it. I still have to pinch myself when people hug me at trade shows because of the difference we’ve made to their lives. I want our products to be the best, and I want my team to fly. More than anything, I want to make people well and happy – and I know we have just the thing to do that.

Melanie Lawson - Founder & CEO

What's great about our oil

  • Purity


    Our oils are free from heavy metals and other nasties often found in fish oils. We pass international independent tests every year with flying colours.

  • Packs a punch

    Packs a punch

    Our oils have higher concentrations of the good stuff (EPA & DHA) than you’ll find anywhere else. So you’ll see real results, super fast.

  • No fishy taste

    No fishy taste

    Most fish oils have a nasty flavour or repeat on you. Ours have super low oxidation levels and taste fab. We just add natural Sicilian lemon oil.

  • The most for your money

    The most for your money

    Due to the high levels of EPA & DHA in our oils, they’re not just better for your body but your pocket too. Cost per gram, we’re much better value.

  • Small wild fish

    Small wild fish

    We only use small wild fish, like anchovies and sardines, from clean and deep waters. Purer, safer & more sustainable.

  • Care from sea to bottle

    Care from sea to bottle

    We put care at the heart of what we do. We only use certified sustainable fisheries, and we make our oils in Norway and the UK.