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Everything you need to know about Omega-3, Collagen & Vitamin D

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Omega-3 Can you buy omega-3 fish oil capsules without gelatin?

When you think of gelatin does a certain brightly coloured, jiggly dessert immediately spring to mind? If so, it’s probably the last thing you’d associate with a supplement you take for your health, such as omega-3 fish oil.

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Omega-3 Can you take evening primrose oil and fish oil together?

If your collection of vitamins and dietary supplements is starting to rival the shelves at your local health food shop, you may be wondering how all these active ingredients are interacting with each other in your body. Could some of the supplements you’re taking cancel out the effects of the others?

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Omega-3 Do fish oil supplements taste fishy or give you fish burps?

Is there something a bit, well, fishy about your fish oil? Perhaps your supplement leaves an unpleasant taste in your mouth, has a strong smell or is giving you so many fishy burps people are starting to avoid you.

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Vitamin D Everything you need to know about Vitamin K2

Vitamin K, like many vitamins, is a group of three related substances which form part of the family of fat-soluble vitamins (also including A, D & E). This nutrient, both found in nature and made in the body, has the primary role of helping blood clotting and coagulation. It’s also involved in bone health. 

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What is Collagen?

Your body contains hundreds of thousands of different proteins, each with its own job to do. Some proteins serve as enzymes, others as hormones or molecular transporters. But the most abundant protein in the human body is the one that’s responsible for our connective tissues, and it’s called collagen.

What is Omega-3?

Omega-3 is an essential polyunsaturated long chain fatty acid found almost exclusively in fish and seafood. It’s called essential because we need it but our bodies can’t make it on their own. We can turn sunlight into Vitamin D, for example, but the only way to get the omega-3 we need is to eat it. And most of us simply aren’t eating enough.

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