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Omega-3 fish oil benefits for your skin and how it can revolutionise your complexion

Enhancing Skin Health With The Role Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We all want our skin to look clear and healthy. But if the idea of a blemish-free complexion sounds like an impossible dream, you’re not alone.

Even if you just feel your complexion is looking dry or congested, it can be hard to know where to start with such a bewildering array of products on offer. But before you shell out on another expensive miracle cream to tackle the problem from the outside, what if you could feed your skin from within?

Eating a healthy diet full of antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies plays a big part in keeping your skin looking good. But a good quality fish oil, rich in omega-3 should also be on the menu. That’s because, as well as being great for our heart, brain and eye health, omega-3 fatty acids play an essential role in the very structure of your skin.

So how can taking omega-3 fish oil for skin help you get your glow back?

The long list of omega-3 benefits make it a real skin hero. Unlike plant-based oils, fish oils contain DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids the body can’t make for itself. These are incorporated into cell membranes in the top layer of skin (the epidermis), forming a protective web around them, helping to stop moisture being lost and giving skin a healthy appearance.

In our guide to omega-3 skin benefits, we’ve looked at the skin in more detail and explored how fish oils can help. So if you’re looking for a plumper, firmer complexion, read on. Your best skin ever? It starts here.

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The science behind omega-3

One of the best dietary fats you can eat for anti-ageing is omega-3. High levels of omega-3 have been shown to work on the phospholipid bilayer, helping it hold onto water, leading to more moisturised, softer skin - and plumper skin cells mean a younger looking appearance. But that’s not all. EPA may block the release of enzymes caused by sun damage, boosting collagen and helping prevent lines and sagging skin.

How much omega-3 fish oil should you take for anti-ageing?

Eating a fatty fish like salmon three times a week can boost your omega-3 levels. But if you don’t like the taste, or are worried about contamination found in farmed fish, a good quality fish oil supplement is an easy way to ensure you’re getting enough of this potent skin saviour.

Omega-3 dosage

Choose a supplement like Life & Soul. You’ll find our oils are easy to take and free from heavy metals often found in fish oils. Normally a half to one teaspoon is recommended or two to four of our capsules.

How much omega-3 fish oil should you take for anti-ageing?omega 3 dosage

High levels of omega-3 have been shown to work on the phospholipid bilayer, helping it hold onto water, leading to moister, softer skin - and plumper skin cells mean a younger looking appearance.

How does omega-3 help with anti-ageing?

To explain how omega-3 fish oil benefits skin, it helps to know how skin cells change as they age. The skin you show the world today was made deep inside the dermis around four weeks ago and pushed up until reaching the surface. If you looked at skin cells under a microscope, you’d see that each is surrounded by two layers of fat that make up the cell wall. Called the phospholipid bilayer, this layer incorporates dietary fat and is responsible for giving skin its plump, healthy appearance.

However, as we age, this membrane becomes thinner and less sticky. As these thinner skin cells reach the surface, they form less of a protective barrier. Skin can lose moisture and elasticity, and this in turn leads to the formation of wrinkles.

So can omega-3 really help your skin?

The beauty industry is worth £17 billion in the UK alone, but is that really surprising? Worried about skin ageing and how we look, we’re prepared to spend a fortune on moisturisers, cleansers and facials, as we go to war on wrinkles.

But beauty experts believe getting the right amount of essential fatty acids, particularly the omega-3s found in fish oil, in your diet could be the secret weapon in your anti ageing arsenal.

When asked about their best supplements for clear skin, Kate Shapland, former beauty journalist at the Daily Telegraph called our Life & Soul fish oil an “anti-ageing essential” while Malena Harbers of InStyle Magazine said it was “the ultimate skin plumper”.

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