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Zoom Vitamin D Test Kit
Zoom Vitamin D Test Kit
Zoom Vitamin D Test Kit

Vitamin D Test Kit


Wondering how much vitamin D you need or if your supplement is working? Find out with this super easy and accurate finger prick test and receive tailored advice on dosage and nutrition.

Laboratory tested for accuracy

Includes D3 and D2 breakdown

Follow up dosage recommendations

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It’s estimated 75% of the UK population has low vitamin D levels. Supplementation is our only source from October to March. It’s important to know your level so you take the right amount. Too much can be very bad for our health but we need enough for good health.

What’s Included

The kit includes:

Dried blood collection device



Prepaid return box


Who Should Test

Everyone would benefit from knowing their vitamin D levels, even if it’s just to check the supplements are doing their job. There are some groups of people who would particularly benefit:

People with limited exposure to sunlight (that’s all of us in the UK then!).

People who don’t go outside much through choice or health limitations.

Vegetarians and vegans as food sourced vitamin D3 is only found in animal products.
Over 50s due to slower vitamin D metabolic processing and decreased calcium absorption.

People with darker skin tones which need longer in the sun to get enough vitamin D.
Alcohol drinkers and smokers.
People with medical conditions and certain medications (see FAQs for more detail).


  • Important: read carefully when you receive the kit otherwise the sample could fail and you would need to buy a new kit.
  • Do this first thing in the morning before you eat anything.
  • Activate your kit online following the instructions inside the test kit (you can do this anytime before taking the test).
  • Do the test, following the instructions carefully. See our 'how to guide' below.
  • Package it up and put it in the postbox. It's all prepaid.
  • Receive emails throughout to track progress.
  • Login to get your PDF results with personalised advice.

    Receive results normally around 10 days after receipt of the sample.

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Vitamin D Test Kit


Why testing is important


Deficiency is common in the UK

We’re obsessed with the weather for good reason! We rarely see enough sun so around 75% of us are deficient.


The health benefits are enormous

Vitamin D has a huge impact on immune health and lots of new research shows it could be one of the most important nutrients.


Know your ideal dosage

Vitamin D toxicity (too much) is really harmful so it’s important to know your level if you’re supplementing.  But taking enough is also key.


Are you absorbing Vitamin D?

You may be taking a supplement but still have low levels. This is an indicator of a health issue which is important to check out.  Genetics can also play a role in this.


Knowledge is power

Get ahead of your health and focus on living a full life through prevention rather than cures.

For people & planet, by people

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100% UK family owned

We’re a small, founder-led business with no investors and zero association with big corporations. We run the business with our customers at its heart.

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Stellar customer service

You’re the most important part of our business and we’ll always look after you. You’ll never read a bad review about our customer service.

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Sustainable, of course

From certified sustainable wild fish to compostable and recyclable packaging, and a UK & Norway based supply chain, we do business with care and consideration.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Anna L.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    How old are you? 35-44
    What is your gender? Female
    Why do you take Bare Biology supplements? General wellbeing , Skin health
    Rated 4 out of 5 stars
    1 week ago
    Quick and (fairly) easy

    My results were emailed to me within just a few days of posting off. Clear instructions on where to drop the blood and avoid any errors. Only giving four stars because I had to look online for a video on how to prepare the device properly to draw blood - I managed to break the first one! This was clearer than the description in the box, so if you’re not used to using these little puncture needle thingies, you might want to familiarise yourself before giving it a go. But the kit does contain three, which helps!

  • June M.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    How old are you? Over 65
    What is your gender? Female
    Why do you take Bare Biology supplements? Joint health , Skin health, General wellbeing , Immunity support , Heart health
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 weeks ago
    Great idea

    I was interested to try this - and as it was on an offer that made it even better ! I found it useful to know if my Vit d level was enough. The results came back within a week and were informative. I would now like to try the Omega test.

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