Bare Biology Fish Oils in general

About our oil

How can I be sure your oils are completely free from heavy metals and toxins?

Does the oil smell or taste fishy and do the capsules repeat on you?

Is your fish oil the same as cod liver oil?

What fish does your oil come from?

Why do you use small fish in your products?

Are the fish sustainably caught?

How soon after the fish are caught do you extract the oil?

How is the oil extracted?

Do you use hexane or any other chemicals in the extraction process?

How do you purify the oil?

Is the oil cold pressed?

What is the oxidation level in the oil?

Is the oil in its natural form or is it concentrated?

What is the shelf life?

How long will it keep once I've opened it?

Do your oils need to be refrigerated?

Are your bottles glass or plastic?

Can I recycle your packaging?

Where are your fish oils and capsules made?

When is the best time to take fish oil?

Can I take more than it recommends on the packaging?

Where should I keep my Bare Biology?

How do I measure out a dose?

I've heard that fish oils can repeat on you and cause reflux

Is it essential to take with food?

Where is your oil extracted and where is it tested?

What kind of nets are used by your fishing boats?

How do I know that your fish oil is environmentally friendly?

Does Omega 3 decrease over time once a fish oil is open?

What is the maximum temperature your oil can be exposed to?

Our ingredients

Are your capsules made from fish gelatin?

What ingredients are there besides fish oil?

Why don't you add flavour to your capsules?

Do your products contain DPA?

Do your products contain Vitamin D?

What kind of fish do you use in the fish gelatin?

Allergies, medicine interactions & possible side effects

Can I take your products if I have a shellfish allergy?

What if I'm allergic to fish or citrus?

Where does the vitamin E (tocopherol) come from?

Are there any side effects?

What can I do to help with the digestion if I struggle with fats?

Can I take your products if I'm on medication?

Is it safe to take your fish oils if I regularly take aspirin?

What ingredients are in the glycerol BP?

Payment & delivery

Discounts & Offers

Can I get a discount on a bulk order?

Can I get a student discount?

Can I subscribe & save?

How can I pay?

What credit and debit cards to you accept?

Can I pay by PayPal?

Can I pay by cheque?

Can I pay by cash?

Can I order over the phone?

Is your website safe?

Can I pay in dollars or euros?

How do I see the price in dollars or euros?

UK Delivery

What are my options for UK delivery?

How do you package the goods? Will they arrive in one piece?

Do the products need to be refrigerated in transit?

International Delivery

Do you do international delivery?

Bare Biology products in detail

Lion Heart liquid

How long will a bottle last?

How much Omega 3, EPA and DHA will I get in each spoonful?

What does ‘clinical strength' mean?

Why is Lion Heart liquid so expensive?

Can my children take Lion Heart?

I’ve been taking Lion Heart and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant – is it safe to finish my bottle or should I switch to Bump & Glory?

Why doesn’t Lion Heart liquid come with a spoon?

I can’t decide which to choose, Lion Heart Liquid or Lion Heart Capsules. Which is better?

Lion Heart mini capsules

How long does a bottle last?

Do I have to take the capsules four times a day?

How much Omega 3, EPA and DHA will I be getting in 4 capsules?

What are your capsules made from?

Which is better: Lion Heart liquid or Lion Heart capsules?

My child doesn't like taking the liquid - can they take the Lion Heart capsules? And if so, how many should I give him?

Lion Heart maxi capsules

How long does a bottle last?

How much Omega 3, EPA and DHA will I be getting?

What are your capsules made from?

What's the difference between Lion Heart mini and maxi capsules?

Super Hero for kids

How long will a bottle last?

How much Omega 3, DHA and EPA is in each drop?

How do I measure out 1ml?

How do I keep the syringes clean?

Do I have to use the syringe?

What age is Super Hero good for?

Why is DHA Omega 3 so crucial for kids?

Bump & Glory for pregnancy

How long will a bottle last?

How much Omega 3, EPA and DHA will I be getting?

Why are Bump & Glory mostly DHA rather than EPA?

I've heard pregnant women shouldn't take cod liver oil – can they take fish oil?

Can I take these before and after pregnancy?

Mindful capsules

How long does a bottle last?

How much Omega 3, EPA and DHA will I be getting?

Why is Mindful mostly DHA and not EPA?

I usually take Lion Heart, should I switch to Mindful?

Cancelling, changing or returning my order

Cancelling my order

I've just placed an order, can I cancel it?

I've received my order but want to cancel, can I do that?

Returns and Refunds

I would like to return my order

How long will it take for me to receive my refund?

Omega 3 in general

Types of Omega 3

Is krill oil a good source of Omega 3?

Can I just eat some fish instead of taking a supplement?

Do EPA and DHA compete in the body for absorption?

What is the difference between Omega 3 from fish oil and from algae?

I'm confused about the difference between Omega 3 and Omega 6 - some people tell me that they can affect each other.

Is it ok to take supplements along with Evening Primrose Oil as I believe this contains Omega 6?

What is the difference between EPA and DHA and what do they help with?

Who needs Omega 3

Why is DHA Omega 3 so crucial for kids?

Where can I buy?


Where can I buy Bare Biology in shops?

Are your products sold by any stores outside the UK?

Become a stockist

How do I become a retail stockist?

I’d like to sell Bare Biology in my shop – what do I need to do?

Do you supply any wholesale distributors?


How do I manage my subscription?

When I try to log in, the website doesn’t recognize my email address

Can I cancel my delivery this month?

Can I choose how often I get my deliveries?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

How do I change the date of my deliveries?

How can I see when my next delivery is due?

How do I add another product to my subscription?

How do I update my payment method?

How can I check when I received my last order?

When will I be billed for my subscription?

I have received an email saying my payment card has been declined, how long until you cancel my subscription?

How do I set up a subscription?

Where do I find the subscribe option in the shop?

Affiliate programme

How can I sign up to be an affiliate?

Who can sign up?

How do I sign up?

How does it work?

Affiliate payments

What date will I receive my commission?

Will I receive commission on repeat purchases?

Do I need a PayPal account?

Terms and conditions

What are your terms and conditions?