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How do I know which product is best for my needs?

| JUL 11, 2023

You’re looking for the best quality omega-3 fish oil supplements , marine collagen peptide powder or vitamin D but not sure which one to buy? This guide should help, but if you’d rather speak to us, get a free online product consultation with Kirsten, our product expert to help answer your questions. Zero obligation and no hard sales pitch, just friendly chat! Click here to book

All our products are certified sustainable, with very high EPA & DHA, independently tested for purity and made in the UK and Norway.

Omega-3 fish oils 

Life & Soul Liquid

Our highest strength EPA & DHA for maximum support.

Life & Soul is the strongest, purest fish oil you’ll find anywhere. Fantastic for fast results, specific needs that require high doses and a favourite among nutritional therapists.

One teaspoon (5ml) has 3500mg of omega-3, including 2000mg of EPA and 1000mg of DHA plus 500mg of other omega-3s.  You’d have to take 28 high-street brand capsules a day to get this much omega-3.

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Life & Soul Mini Capsules

Tiny capsules with high strength EPA & DHA for all round health.

Exactly the same oil as our Life & Soul liquid but in four tiny, easy-to-swallow capsules with 1300mg of omega-3, including 860mg EPA and 440mg DHA. High-street brands contain about 35% omega-3 whereas ours are at least 65%.  So they’re tiny, but powerful and better for your wallet. They're also suitable for pescatarians as we use fish gelatin in all our capsules.

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Life & Soul Daily Capsules

Our best-selling larger capsules for all round health.

Two daily capsules give you 1300mg of omega-3, including 860mg EPA and 440mg DHA. The equivalent of a whole tin of sardines. Some people like smaller capsules, some prefer to take fewer.

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Action Heroes Liquid

Super strength DHA for growing brains (from 6 months onwards).

We can’t stress enough the importance and benefits of DHA for growing brains.This incredible liquid is the most powerful on the market meaning you only need one drop (1ml) to get 500mg DHA and 130mg EPA. To get this much DHA from the best-selling competitor brand, you’d need 40ml versus 1ml of Action Heroes.

It tastes great and comes with a handy dosing syringe to make life easy but can be hidden in cold foods for fussy ones.

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Mindful Daily Capsules

Pure & powerful DHA for brains.

Mindful has 560mg of DHA in just one small daily capsule. Perfect for anyone who wants to support and protect their brain, also great for teenagers and students cramming for exams. A really affordable way to get a whole tin of sardines worth of DHA a day.

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Mums & Bumps Capsules

Powerful DHA for pregnancy, breastfeeding & fertility.

One small daily capsule has 560mg of DHA, on average 85% more than the leading competitor brand.

DHA is vital in pregnancy. It ensures cells in the brain, eyes and other parts of the nervous system develop and function properly. It also protects mums from postnatal depletion and associated mental health problems. All our fish oils are third party tested for purity by IFOS and are totally safe and free from heavy metals.

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Vim & Vigour Vegan Omega-3 Capsules

Our bodies can’t make omega-3 so it’s essential we get it through our diet. The richest source of omega-3 is oily fish but if you follow a vegan diet or have a fish allergy, this isn't an option. Many Nutritional Therapists we work with have vegan clients and have emailed us over the years asking if we would consider creating a vegan option. After a year of hard work we can finally offer what we think is the best vegan product you’ll find.

Vim & Vigour provides a daily dose of pure omega-3 & astaxanthin, all from algae.

Made from natural algae oil, these vegan-friendly omega-3 capsules are rich in essential fatty acids DHA and EPA that support brain, heart and eye health. 

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bare biology vim & vigour vegan omega 3 capsule and jar


Collagen Powders

Skinful Pure Marine Collagen

Flavourless for adding to coffee.

One small dessert spoon of Skinful has 5,000mg (5g) of Type I marine collagen peptides. It’s a very fine powder and dissolves really easily into drinks. It has been an instant best-seller and is a great one to take with omega-3.

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Skinful Marine Collagen + Vitamin C

Delicious strawberry flavour.

Not only does our Skinful + Vitamin C contain the same high-quality Type I collagen peptides as our original Skinful powder, but it also provides 50mg of vitamin C per serving. 

Vitamin C helps your body to produce collagen, so you get double the benefits with this marine collagen powder. We use natural vitamin C from acerola, so it’s easily absorbed. 

Our Collagen + Vitamin C powder has a natural strawberry flavour and is sweetened with stevia rather than sugar. This means you can simply stir it into water, smoothies or shakes.

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Vitamin D

Beam & Balance Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 

Support your immune system by keeping your vitamin D levels high with this super easy spray. No unnecessary ingredients such as sweeteners, just vitamins D3 & K2, MCT oil & peppermint oil. 100% vegan & made in the UK (where the sun rarely shines!).

With 4,000IU of vitamin D3 balanced perfectly with 100ug of K2 per 3 sprays, it's the most powerful in the UK and you can easily vary the dose depending on age and needs.

Rise & Shine Omega-3 Plus Vitamin D Capsules

Fish oils and Vitamin D are naturally meant to be together, they're perfect partners that nutritionally compliment each other. As a food, oily fish provide us with a rich source of Vitamin D, yet a gentle and careful extraction of omega-3 for nutritional supplements, the Vitamin D gets left behind.

Rise & Shine is simply our way of reuniting these potent and powerful nutrients that play a pivotal role in our health, across all developmental stages and phases of life.

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