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A day in the life of a dancer

Charlotte Tooth is a 27 year old professional dancer and personal trainer, currently performing in Love Never Dies at the Opera House in Hamburg. She teaches classes at barrecore (Kings...

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How to look younger

Could Omega 3 be the best anti ageing cream?  I tell lots of people about all the amazing Omega 3 fish oil benefits – what it can do for your...

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DHA and baby brain development

Omega-3 is essential for growing brains. In evolutionary terms, the growth in brain size in humans and their more recent ancestors led to a greater capacity for enhanced cognition, more...

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How do you do it?

The question I get asked most frequently is “how do you do it?” This is referring to the fact that I run Bare Biology and am a mum to three...

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How to deal with acne at any age

While skincare and makeup can contribute, most types of acne are caused by a fluctuation or imbalance in your hormone levels.  Unfortunately this means it can strike at any age...

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What we think of clean eating

It's fashionable, it's all over Instagram (18.5 million hashtags), it's the latest label for the fitterati and the fitfluential; so we're probably going to annoy a lot of people now...

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