My Top 5 Nutrition Hacks For Healthy Glowing Skin

My Top 5 Nutrition Hacks For Healthy Glowing Skin

Frances Phillips is a Model and Holistic Health Coach. She's graced the front cover of GQ magazine, modelled for luxury fashion brands and is often seen in the beauty pages of Elle. With a passion for health and beauty, Frances shares her insider secrets on what to eat for glowing skin.  

Don’t be afraid of fats (the good kind!) 

After decades of being told to stay away from all fats, we now know that certain fats are essential for our health. Try to reduce your intake of trans fats (usually found in ‘junk’ foods) and increase Omega 3 fats found in oily fish, nuts & seeds and avocados. 

Eat more oily omega 3 rich fish

Increase probiotic-rich foods 

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the benefits of consuming probiotic foods and the myriad of health benefits for the gut – an essential foundation for healthy skin! There are loads of options to choose from: sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir. My favourites are coconut kefir & coconut kefir yogurt. I add them to smoothies or eat them with granola and berries. 

Eat a rainbow 

Antioxidants can be found in all colourful fruits and vegetables. To make sure you are getting enough of them, load up on a wide variety of fruit and veg. This helps to counteract the damaging effect pollutants in our environment may be having on our skin. 

Consider adding in green juices 

There’s a real “trend” for juicing at the minute, helped in part by the rise in healthy social media posts (of which I am guilty!). I’m a big fan of incorporating the occasional juice into the diet. Just make sure the produce used in the juices is organic & the juice itself is raw (i.e. it hasn’t been heated). Also, try to opt for the less sugary versions, which are sweetened with lemon or a little apple or pear. 

Increase water consumption 

An oldie but a goodie…by far the simplest and quickest boost you can give your skin. Don’t like water? Then try infusing it with fresh berries, lemon or mint. Feeling really virtuous? Then try a bottle of raw coconut water for extra hydration.  

Rehydrate with plenty of water