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Practicing Patience & Leaving the Group Chat | Episode 4

| MAR 18, 2024

In my first solo podcast episode I share 3 things I’ve learnt recently. Here’s a brief rundown…

1. It takes years to get good at something and it’s good to embrace being a learner

As my Tai Chi teacher wisely put it - shift your mindset from seeking achievement and success to being learner oriented. From my tennis practice to running a biz, I’m getting comfortable with being patient while getting better at something.

2. Don’t go hell for leather on introducing new things

If there’s urgency for anything, it’s usually a red flag. I had to learn this lesson the hard way by dealing with intense nausea after chugging some electrolytes before a team meeting. 😂

3. You don’t always have to have the last word

As a younger sibling growing up in a difficult household, I had to fight to say my bit. But that isn’t serving me later in life. I will be vocal when I see an injustice but I’m learning to let things go when they don’t matter. It’s not worth the agro. 

I hope you take something from this episode that’s helpful. If you do, please leave a review, it helps us get the podcast out there!

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