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The Benefit Of "Over Communicating" | Episode 8

The Benefit Of "Over Communicating" | Episode 8

| APR 15, 2024

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have. Are you using it well?

In this episode, Liv and I delve into a quote I read from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, on over-communication…

“If you wait to reply because you don’t have an answer yet (or because you don’t want to share bad news), the other party often ends up making assumptions about what the delayed reply might mean. Silence frustrates and confuses people. Better to communicate early and often.” - James Clear

Biting your tongue isn’t the best thing to do.

Being vague or not responding at all can bring about the very thing you’re trying to avoid. That awkward, icky vibe. Or worse yet, an argument. 

We share real-life scenarios where over-communication has made life easier after the “I wish the ground would swallow me up” conversation.

This is your sign to say the thing you think you can’t say. That’s the thing you need to say the most.

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