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How To Think Like An Olympian | Episode 7

How To Think Like An Olympian | Episode 7

| APR 11, 2024

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to think like one. There’s something for everyone in this chat. Even if high-performance sport isn’t your thing, we’re all trying to get better at something. There are some great parenting tips too.

Leon is an Olympic silver medalist who has gone on to commentate for the BBC, becoming the 'Voice of Diving'. A mentor to Olympic and Paralympic athletes, his passion for mental wellbeing saw him deliver a TEDx talk viewed by over two million.

Leon is also a sought after professional speaker and executive coach working with teams and individuals.

This episode will inspire you to notice the way you think and give you some tools to start changing your mindset.

I hope it leaves you feeling as inspired as I was.

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