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Everything you need to know about Omega-3, Collagen & Vitamin D

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Vitamin D

Everything you need to know about Vitamin K2

Vitamin K, like many vitamins, is a group of three related substances which form part of the family of fat-soluble vitamins (also including A, D & E). This nutrient, both found in nature and made in the body, has the primary role of helping blood clotting and coagulation. It’s also involved in bone health. 


How much omega-3 fish oil per day?

You’ve read the articles and are now about to become one of the millions already taking omega-3 Great decision. From our brains to our hearts to our eyes, taking a fish oil supplement is such a simple, accessible and affordable way to maintain good health.


What to look out for in collagen powder and how to read a label

With so many different collagen supplements out there all vying for your attention, how can you find out which one is right for you?

Vitamin D

Should I Take Vitamin D3 & K2 Together?

If you've ever bought a vitamin D supplement, you'll have noticed it often comes bundled with vitamin K2. So let's have a closer look at why they go hand in hand so well and why they're both essential for good health.


The ultimate guide to collagen powder

As one of the staple ingredients in anti-ageing creams, collagen’s been a beauty industry favourite for some time now. But recently collagen has become increasingly popular as a food supplement.


Can you buy omega-3 fish oil capsules without gelatin?

When you think of gelatin does a certain brightly coloured, jiggly dessert immediately spring to mind? If so, it’s probably the last thing you’d associate with a supplement you take for your health, such as omega-3 fish oil.


Can you take evening primrose oil and fish oil together?

If your collection of vitamins and dietary supplements is starting to rival the shelves at your local health food shop, you may be wondering how all these active ingredients are interacting with each other in your body. Could some of the supplements you’re taking cancel out the effects of the others?


Do fish oil supplements taste fishy or give you fish burps?

Is there something a bit, well, fishy about your fish oil? Perhaps your supplement leaves an unpleasant taste in your mouth, has a strong smell or is giving you so many fishy burps people are starting to avoid you.


Fish oil, bodybuilding and muscle growth

Forget the latest celebrity diet and fitness plans. If you want to significantly change your physique in the shortest space of time, it’s best to ask the experts. Bodybuilders are the real pros when it comes to getting ripped, shredding fat and maintaining muscle because they’ve tried and tested all the strategies in the book.


Omega-3 rich foods

Food fads come and go, but ensuring you get enough omega-3 in your diet isn’t one of them, for one simple reason - without omega-3, we just don’t function very well. Yet this set of nutrients has been quietly slipping out of our diets over the last 50 years.


Omega-3 and heart health

Eggs were bad for you, now they’re good for seems like every day there’s a new study declaring that a previously saintly food is now the mortal enemy (or vice versa) when it comes to looking after our health.


Our omega-3 fish oil for brain health guide

From whole grains to olive oil, we may be sold on the benefits of eating a heart-healthy diet to keep our arteries clear and blood pressure low. But how much thought do we put into nourishing that other hard-working organ, the brain?


Omega-3 fish oil benefits for men

Men who want to live long (and prosper) should take a few tips from Iceland. On average at 81.2 years, Icelandic men have one of the most consistently high life expectancies in the world (while UK men languish at 16th place in the life expectancy charts at 79.4 years).


Omega-3 fish oil menopause benefits

The end of a woman’s reproductive years may be called the menopause, but for many of us, it feels more like a big, fat full stop. A full stop to life without aches and pains.


Benefits of omega-3 fish oil for pregnancy

You take your folic acid religiously, have a healthy diet and won’t let a morsel of unpasteurised brie pass your lips. But are you getting the right amount of omega-3?


Omega 3, 6 and 9. What’s the difference?

How balanced is your life? Forget the daily juggle of work and life for a second, because we’re talking about your diet and, in particular, the good sources of omega-3, 6 and 9 it provides.


How to take collagen powder effectively

We’re full of collagen which is a structural protein that makes up cells and tissues such as skin, tendons, bones and cartilage.  We make it ourselves and can eat it, but as we get older we make less of it.


Is collagen powder the same as gelatin?

When it comes to health benefits, nutritional properties and culinary uses, gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen powder are quite different.


Is omega-3 fish oil a blood thinner?

Forget the latest celebrity diet and fitness plans. If you want to significantly change your physique in the shortest space of time, it’s best to ask the experts. Bodybuilders are the real pros when it comes to getting ripped, shredding fat and maintaining muscle because they’ve tried and tested all the strategies in the book.


Is taking collagen peptide powder safe?

If you’re worried about taking a collagen supplement, it could be because you see collagen as something brand new and untried in the human diet. But that’s not strictly true.


Krill oil vs omega-3 fish oil vs cod liver oil vs algae oil

With oily fish, krill, cod liver and algae oil all vying for your attention, it can be hard to figure out which one of our underwater friends you should choose for your daily dose of omega-3.


Omega-3: intermittent fasting, keto and paleo

Whether you’re eating like a caveman, refusing all carbs or cramming all your meals into an eight-hour window, you may have wondered if your dietary plan is compatible with your daily dose of fish oil.


Omega-3 fish oil benefits for your skin and how it can revolutionise your complexion

We all want our skin to look clear and healthy. But if the idea of a blemish-free complexion sounds like an impossible dream, you’re not alone.


Omega-3 for children

We all want a long, healthy, successful life for our kids. And part of giving them the best start possible means ensuring they’re eating a healthy balanced diet. But besides all the fruit and vegetables, is your child getting enough omega-3?


Our omega-3 fish oil eye health guide

If you care about your health, you might be rigorous when it comes to attending dental or medical check-ups. But if your optician’s starting to suspect you’ve left the country, it may be time to get back in touch.


Introducing Mindful: the supplement to support mental wellbeing

At Bare Biology we believe the mood-boosting properties of Omega 3 should be easily available for everyone. And that’s why we’re launching Mindful, our brand new product designed to nourish and support the brain.Fresh and pure, it contains all the vital DHA the brain needs in one small, easy-to-take daily dose.


The benefits of omega-3 fish oil

It nourishes, soothes and supports. It bathes all the trillions of cells in our brains and bodies to keep us healthy. Yes, omega-3 is a real gift from nature, but it’s a gift we must give to ourselves through our diets.


The history of fish oil and omega-3

The phrase ‘superfood’ is often bandied around, but omega-3 fish oil really is super. From our bodies to our brains, taking this essential fatty acid is a great way to supplement your diet and maintain general good health.


Can I take collagen and fish oil together

The question of whether you should take two supplements together is always an excellent one because nutrients never work alone in the body.


What are omega-3 fatty acids and what do they do?

You might have heard of omega-3 fatty acids, but what are they and how do they work in your body once you’ve eaten them? Let’s take a closer look to find out...


What does it mean if a fish oil is IFOS tested and why does it matter?

You wouldn’t rush to see a movie awarded one-star by the critics. You’d think twice about eating in a restaurant with only a two-star hygiene rating. And you probably wouldn’t book the hotel with all the one-star TripAdvisor reviews, no matter how glitzy it looked in the brochure.


Who should take omega-3 fish oil?

Omega-3 fish oil is a fantastic nutrient. From before we’re born through to our golden years, this essential fatty acid has a role to play at every stage of our lives.

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Find Wellbeing with Powerful Supplements

What is Collagen?

Your body contains hundreds of thousands of different proteins, each with its own job to do. Some proteins serve as enzymes, others as hormones or molecular transporters. But the most abundant protein in the human body is the one that’s responsible for our connective tissues, and it’s called collagen.

What is Omega-3?

Omega-3 is an essential polyunsaturated long chain fatty acid found almost exclusively in fish and seafood. It’s called essential because we need it but our bodies can’t make it on their own. We can turn sunlight into Vitamin D, for example, but the only way to get the omega-3 we need is to eat it. And most of us simply aren’t eating enough.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, is known as the 'sunshine vitamin.' It plays a vital role in various aspects of well-being. From bone health and immune system support to mood and mental clarity. As the sun often hides in UK, 75% of the population is estimated to have low vitamin D levels.

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