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How to feel happy during your pregnancy

| SEP 4, 2017

Teaching all over London every week, Sarah is a yoga teacher with an emphasis on anatomy, creative flows and yin and yang. She seeks to remind her students that a yoga practice is a very subjective experience, and there are options to suit every ability. As well as a yoga teacher, Sarah is also a copywriter and writes for major health and wellness brands. In this article she shares her top tips to help you feel happier during pregnancy. Over to Sarah...

Pregnancy is an optimal time to drop into yourself. To really listen to your bodies mind and needs and to nurture yourself so you can be strong, healthy and relaxed throughout the process.

Here are some helpful guidelines to help you stay positive, sane and happy throughout the long, bumpy but incredible road of pregnancy. 



When you can’t see past your own belly button, the idea of working out isn’t too attractive. But gentle movement such as yoga will help you tune into your fluctuating mind daily in a nurturing way. Rather than the more challenging types of yoga such as Vinyasa, try a slow and soothing Restorative yoga or even Yin. Carve out some time to lie down on your mat, to breathe deeply and to drop into some deliciously rejuvenating poses. Your body will start to relax, your mind will settle and you’ll find yourself feeling much calmer.  


This is a great time to start a daily meditation practice. Just a few minutes a day can work wonders, and it needn’t be scary or strict. There are many different styles of meditation, so find one that resonates with you. You might find that simply sitting with your breath and becoming mindful of your emotions feels good.

Chanting a loving mantra such as “Each bump in the road is here for a reason” and “I will observe myself, free from judgement”, may help your mind to relax. Whatever you choose, meditation will reduce anxiety, help you push aside the small mountain of things to do and soften the constant inner chatter. 


A couple holding hands by Shelby Deeter

If you aren’t feeling yourself, it’s ok to communicate this with loved ones. If you are someone that finds it hard to ask for help, learn to speak up when you need something rather than struggling alone. Communicate your feelings and it’ll help you find a sense of relief and outlet for your worries and anxieties, rather than keeping everything bottled up.

Move, meditate, communicate. Practising these three things will have a profound effect on your mental health during your pregnancy, lifting your energy levels and changing your mindset to a positive one. So mumma, tune into YOU and how you feel each and every day. Remember that no two days will be the same, and this is ok! Just be.

Sarah is a yoga teacher and writer here to inspire the most authentic you. By sharing her experiences and practices with you she hopes that you too feel more illuminated, and more deeply connected to your body and soul.

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