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The Skincare Mistakes That Could Harm Your Teen's Skin | Episode 6

The Skincare Mistakes That Could Harm Your Teen's Skin | Episode 6

| APR 2, 2024

Kids as young as 10 are on the hunt for anti-aging products, while teens scroll on TikTok to catch the latest skincare trend. But what's the impact on their delicate skin?

Join us in this episode as we delve into the complex world of teenage skincare with Annabel Jardella. 

Annabel Jardella is a leading beauty expert in skin, products and ingredients. Her 25-year career has taken her from designing makeup on exotic film shoots and teaching makeup artists, to developing her own products

Annabel specialises in cover and camouflage with a passion for natural products and solutions.

After hosting a series of “Confident Wellbeing" workshops in schools, Annabel is launching Teen 360 Consultations. These sessions help teenagers and their parents understand how to manage their skin with a 360 approach including lifestyle, hormone health and product recommendations.

We explore the concerning results of using complex products without the right knowledge. Annabel also shares her recommendations and emphasises the power of an uncomplicated skincare routine for teens.

We hope this episode can empower you and your teen to feel confident finding the right products for you - and more importantly what to avoid!

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