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How to make healthier choices this party season

| NOV 30, 2016

December is always a fun month.  I love the build up to Christmas and all that it entails: parties, shopping for gifts and the jovial spirit of most Londoners (shocker)!  I try and live my life with as much balance as possible, so here’s how I stay healthy whilst still enjoying all the fun that this time of year brings.

  1. Hydrate!

The most basic and one of the cheapest changes you can make.  Many of us find we end up consuming a lot more alcohol in December than we would usually.  By making sure you’re also consuming water in between alcoholic drinks (and most certainly a lot the next morning), you’re minimizing the effect on your skin and all bodily organs.

  1. Don’t skip dinner


Personally this is something I could never do (I’m definitely not someone who forgets about eating!).  However, I’ve heard from many friends and clients who go straight from office to party that they regularly skip dinner for convenience or so they can “drink their calories”.  This is not something I advocate as my focus is always on nutrients and not calorie counting.  Even if you manage to eat something small like a couple of oatcakes with avocado or hummus, make sure you eat before you drink.

  1. Make smart drink choices

As a general rule, clear spirits like vodka, tequila and gin are much purer than other alcoholic drinks.  Choose a smart mixer like soda water & fresh lime.  My drink of choice is a tequila lime soda (a sort of healthy margarita)!

  1. Add in lots of antioxidant-rich foods


Counteract the free radical damage caused by drinking and late nights by loading up on antioxidant-rich foods.  My favourite is adding Acai to my morning smoothie.

  1. Don’t binge

It’s all too easy to take the “all or nothing” approach with the festive period.  However, you’ll have a very depressing start to the New Year if you see it as being your saviour after a month of excess.  Instead, I don’t say no to anything.  Mulled wine?  Yes.  Mince pie?  Yes please!  I just try the rest of the time to stick to my normal eating habits.  Learning to undo the mentality of “all or nothing” is, I think, by far the most important thing about nutrition.

Frances Phillips is a model and holistic health coach. She's graced the front cover of GQ magazine, modelled for luxury fashion brands and is often seen in the beauty pages of Elle and Glamour magazine. You can follow her lifestyle every month in our magazine or on her Instagram account

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