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How to ditch the sugar free drama

| JAN 24, 2018

Author and mum of 3, Lizzie King, is known for her delicious and recipes with gluten, sugar and dairy alternatives. In this article, she shares her top tips to cut down on sugar realistically without going on a fad diet. Over to Lizzie...

You don’t have to go cold turkey if you’re trying to cut down on the sugar after some over-indulging. You could just be setting yourself up for a fall.

I’m not sure it’s that helpful to banish anything from your diet outright unless, of course, you have allergies or moral/religious grounds. You're statistically more likely to crave the forbidden fruits and then binge, this is adults as well as children!

The easiest way to make a shift like this, without it feeling too seismic and unattainable, is by starting off with just a few simple switches that have a huge impact.

Studies suggest that when new habits are adopted into your lifestyle, they just need to be repeated and reinforced to stick. So, if you just keep adding these ideas in, rather than highlighting things to avoid (thus making you feel deprived) you're much more likely to enjoy it, feel better and most importantly keep at it!

There are three things I would advocate that can make such a huge difference and they’re not that hard to slot into your everyday life. Do have a go and let me know how you get on.

Make a simple sugar switch


There are some obviously sugary foods lurking in our cupboards and most of them have a straightforward swap. Try swapping bought packets of cereal for a DIY muesli. Mix up your own in a big jar and have it for the week ahead, knowing what’s in it and without adding bags of sugar.

Get your snacks prepped


When you’re hungry you are much more vulnerable to the grab and go sugary snacks that are readily available. So, take a little bit of time at the weekend, or an evening and make a stash of healthy, delicious snacks to tote around with you when you need them and avoid diving into the chocolate bars.

Energy balls take 5 minutes and last in the freezer for ages, perfect hit for any energy slumps.

Stay hydrated


At the risk of sounding like a broken record and telling you to drink more water – cue eye roll - one of the biggest hiccups I come across when anyone is changing up their diet is that they don’t remember to drink enough. Take a bottle with you wherever you go, add lime slices or frozen berries to it, whatever it takes to make it inviting but DRINK UP. You need 2 litres a day to keep you refreshed and at your best.

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