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Love your skin from within

| FEB 8, 2017

I definitely think our internal health reflects on the outside.  If you want great skin, you have to be as mindful of what you’re putting in as what you’re using topically.  These are my favourite foods and drinks to include to help get healthy skin, from the inside out.

1. Coconut water

I make sure my skin is hydrated by drinking about two litres of water a day plus the occasional coconut water.  Try to get raw and organic where possible (I love Rebel Kitchen) if you can’t get your hands on a fresh coconut (which is by far the best way to drink it).

2. Wild Alaskan Salmon

In addition to taking fish oil supplements, I also try to include some salmon at least once a week.  Oily fish like Salmon is rich in the essential fatty acid Omega 3.  Omega 3 is super for skin health. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to calm the skin.  It’s great for rosacea, eczema, acne and general sensitivity.  Omega 3 is a great internal moisturizer too.  It supports sebum production, the natural waxy substance we produce in our sebaceous glands that helps to retain skin moisture.

3. Acai


I’ve talked about my love for Acai before.  It contains really high amounts of antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radicals – an anti-ageing must.  As I live in a busy city, it’s really important to include them in my diet.

4. Kefir

I like to get my probiotics from coconut kefir.  You can make this yourself, or Rhythm make a good one.  The gut and skin have a special connection; often poor gut health is reflected in our skin.  You’re probably aware that antibiotics can be prescribed for severe acne.  It works precisely because it clears up all the bacteria in the gut.  The downside is it depletes the good bacteria, as well as the bad.  That’s why I prefer recommending probiotics instead.  They helps restore balance without depleting beneficial bacteria, supporting healthy skin and bowels.

5. Juices


Fresh juice is one of the fastest ways to easily absorb nutrients.  I love a juice (especially a green one) for helping to get my skin glowing.   Cucumber is a favourite.  Its high water content keeps skin hydrated and plump.  But the real gem is that it’s rich in silica which helps to repair skin tissue.  I like combining cucumber juice with lemon, which is rich in vitamin C and a handful of purifying parsley. 

Frances Phillips is a model and nutritional therapist. She's graced the front cover of GQ magazine, modelled for luxury fashion brands and is often seen in the beauty pages of Elle and Glamour magazine.  You can follow her lifestyle every month in our magazine or on her Instagram account.   

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