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3 ways to help your kids take their fish oil

| DEC 13, 2023

Following four years of study with clinical practice at the University of Greenwich and the UK College of Nutritional Health (BCNH), Mary van der Westhuizen qualified as a Nutritional Therapist. She now runs a private practice in London, helping clients with a range of health concerns. She's also a mum of four lovely children and we were pleased to hear they all start their day with our Action Heroes . Mary appreciates, however, that not every child will greedily devour neat fish oil. Here are her top tips...

Omega-3 fish oil is such a great supplement to consider giving your children if you find you can’t get them to eat enough omega-3 rich oily fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for a child’s brain development and they contribute to a healthy immune system; they may also benefit our eyes and contribute to optimum cardiovascular health. However, I’ve heard many parents struggle with giving their children fish oil. They can’t believe they’d ever be able to persuade their children to drink it.

Bare Biology's Action Heroes Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil is not only a pure, super strength fish oil but it also has a delicious natural Sicilian lemon flavour. This is perhaps why so many children love drinking their daily dose neat. Mine certainly do. It’s worth giving it a go to see if your children will take it this way. They may surprise you.

If your children refuse to drink their fish oil straight from the spoon then you can disguise it in all manner of ways. Here are some ideas for you to try...

In their cereal 

Top with cinnamon to mask the flavour if they aren’t keen on the lemon. Cinnamon is also great for balancing blood sugar levels so will help to stabilize your child’s moods and appetite.

In a vegetable/fruit smoothie

The more vegetables you can include in your smoothie the better so that your children are taking in less sugar that they would with a fruit smoothie. But if you have to add some fruit to make it more palatable then go for it. Just use whatever you have in your fridge; don’t worry about following a recipe.

Mix into a pesto or hummus

Get my pesto recipe here.

You can disguise Action Heroes Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil within any food that is cold or at room temperature. Just make sure the food isn’t subsequently heated up because omega-3 oils degrade when exposed to heat, oxygen and light. The quicker it’s consumed once out of the bottle the better.

Read more about the benefits of omega-3 for kids here.

Always consult with your GP or a registered Nutritional Therapist before giving your child any supplements.

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