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Why kale is a hero vegetable

Why kale is a hero vegetable

| JUL 18, 2016

One cup of kale is like popping a multivitamin - only better. Magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. They’re all in there. And your body absorbs them a lot better than your one-a-day multi. Kale is a gift of health. It keeps your muscles working, your brain alert and your stress hormones under control. Your bowels will love it too. It’s full of antioxidants that fight disease like cancer and fend off allergies, colds and the flu. There are many different types that you can try; green, black, purple and curly. But they all have one thing in common. They’re nutrient powerhouses. Here’s why.

  • A single cup contains more calcium than a small carton of milk. So it’s great if you’re avoiding dairy.
  • It gives you over 200% of beta-carotene – a nutrient that keeps your skin and eyes strong. It looks after your immune cells too, keeping you fit and healthy.
  • One cup has more vitamin C than an orange (minus all the sugar).
Vitamin C keeps stress levels in check, builds collagen for joints and repairs skin. 
  • The same amount contains more than 600% of your RDA of vitamin K – important for your heart, bones and teeth. It keeps skin smooth and plump too.
  • Eating more kale increases your vitamin D. Most of us could do with the top-up.
"Vitamin D is calcium’s best friend; it helps with absorption into your bones (important for kids and perimenopausal women too)."  

Bare-Biology-health-why-kale-is-a-hero-vegetable-detoxKale will help you detox

Kale is rich in sulphur; a mineral your liver loves. It helps your liver to flush out nasties like pesticides, excess hormones and chemicals we absorb from our surroundings. So eating your daily cup of kale will mop up toxins from your body and help balance hormones.

"Hormones, like oestrogen, that haven’t been detoxified properly can be easily reabsorbed back into your bloodstream. This causes hormonal imbalances in your body."

Kale is your anti-ageing miracle


We love kale because it’s full of antioxidants that fight premature ageing. They fight free radicals that cause joint pain, heart disease, brain fog, depression, type II diabetes, alzheimers and cancer. Studies show that kale keeps your cholesterol levels in harmony. It lowers the bad and increases the good - without the side effects of taking statin drugs. There’s an added bonus too. The antioxidants stop wrinkles in their tracks, and keep your skin youthful and glowing.

"Kale is great for kids too because the antioxidants protect them from developing allergies as they get older."

Preparation tips:

Breakfast: Raw kale tastes great in breakfast smoothies because of its mild flavour. Snip the leaves away from the spine, and use them in stir-fries, sauces, soup and pesto.

Snacks: We love making kale crips. Put them in the oven, drizzle of olive oil and sea salt and you have yourself a healthy snack.

Health: If you’re eating kale to lower cholesterol we recommend you gently steam it first; it works better that way.

Home: Growing kale in pots at home is a fantastic alternative to supermarket kale (and it looks pretty).

Medical Advice: Anyone on blood thinners like Warfarin shouldn’t eat a lot of kale because it’s really high in vitamin K, which will lower the effects of your medication.

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