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Sustainability at Bare Biology

| APR 30, 2021

Our promise

Sustainable ingredients and packaging have always been our priority from day one. Our approach to sustainability is guided by our commitment to you that our supplements are the purest, safest and most transparent in terms of testing and certification.

As a business, we know how important it is to consider sustainability in every single thing we do. From the source of our certified sustainable fish oils to how many emails we send internally, we're doing our utmost to leave a better planet for future generations.

Sustainable omega-3

We know about the ugly side of fishing and we don't want to be a part of it. In the same way we would never buy battery farmed chicken or any intensively farmed meat or dairy, our omega-3 supplements only contain oils from wild, sustainably caught fish. 

If suppliers don’t have a sustainability certification, we don’t take the conversation any further.

We source our omega-3 from Norwegian fish oil manufacturers certified by Friends of the Sea and Marin Trust.

The Friends of the Sea sustainable fishery criteria requirements are:

  • Non-overexploited target stock according to FAO, Regional Fishery Bodies and National Marine Authorities
  • No relevant impact on the seabed
  • Selective fishing method (max 8% discards)
  • No by-caught species included in the IUCN red-list of endangered species
  • Compliance with legal requirements (incl. TACs, no IUU, no FOC, mesh size, min size, MPA, etc)
  • Energy balance and yearly fuel efficiency improvement
  • Waste management
  • Social accountability

Furthermore, all of our omega-3 supplements are IFOS 5 Star Certified for purity, which means they're independently tested on top of the two rounds of tests we carry out. This is a guarantee the oil is pure, fresh and safe. On each of our product pages you can find results for each batch. 

Sustainable marine collagen 

Our collagen supplier is the first MSC certified collagen manufacturer in the world and is part of the Aqua Bio Profit project. This is an EU funded project to help develop high-quality proteins from European aquaculture and fisheries. In short, it means our manufacturer only ever uses sustainable hydrolysed wild codfish skin (Gadus Morhua), which was once considered as waste and was thrown away.


Our packaging 

All our packaging is 100% recyclable and we even encourage our customers to use their empty tubs of Skinful around the house! We work with a fabulous warehouse who share our commitment to minimal packaging and we're thrilled to be trialling plastic free pouches for our omega-3 range in 2021.

Our people and culture 

We're a small team and proud to be building an inclusive culture where employees' voices are heard. We have a flexible working policy and see thriving physical and mental health of our employees as an integral part of our business. 

We also support the communities in which we operate, and our founder Melanie Lawson is a key figure in addressing the importance of omega-3 supplementation to support good mental health. 

Still have questions? 

We're always happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can email us via or feel free to message us on Instagram

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