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Must have of the month: Cryotherapy

Must have of the month: Cryotherapy

| SEP 6, 2016

Cryotherapy. It’s the latest trend in freeze therapy for beauty and wellbeing. Originating in Japan, this practice dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Today, it’s loved by celebrity beauties Demi Moore and Jessica Alba. Professional sportsmen, such as Djokovic and LeBron James love it too. It involves sitting in a cold chamber at -80c for 3-5 minutes. The cold helps to stimulate cells, encouraging rejuvenation and anti-ageing.  If you’ve been watching Billions, there’s a scene where Damian Lewis steps out of a cryotherapy chamber which he has installed in his office.  Perhaps we should get one here at Bare Biology HQ!

Here’s the science. The cold temperature works on a cellular level. It kick-starts the body’s natural protection and recovery system. As a result, the body begins to ‘heal’ itself. The cells start to act at their highest potential, synthesising collagen, producing elastin and keeping themselves alive for longer. In short, the body is renewed and rejuvenated, feeling and looking much younger. There’s an added benefit too. Cryotherapy uses up a lot of energy and produces high levels of adrenaline; both helping us burn fat and feel our best.

If the beauty benefits aren’t enough to get you excited, some claim that cryotherapy can help with depression, anxiety and insomnia. The boost of adrenaline is a miracle worker for the brain.  The quick healing process of the body helps encourage a deep sleep after a dip in the chamber.


Naturally, we were super excited when we found out that luxury skincare brand, 111SKIN, has recreated the wonderful skincare benefits of cryotherapy in a bottle. Giving a glowing, radiant and renewed complexion to the face and body, their Regenerative range aims to mimic the effects of the treatment. Cryo Energising Face Serum and Cryo Energising Body Serum tighten, sculpt and resurface. All without plunging into a -80c chamber.

Renowned Harley Street plastic surgeon and 111SKIN founder, Dr Yannis Alexandrides developed a fast-acting healing product to aid skin recovery after surgery. He worked with space scientists to create this potent formula. Due to the popularity of the reparative serum, an entire skincare range was launched and the 111SKIN brand was created. Backed by 25 years of surgical knowledge, 111SKIN works for all skin types to repair, renew, and replenish the complexion.

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