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From Bump to Business: Top tips for mums thinking of starting their own business

From Bump to Business: Top tips for mums thinking of starting their own business

| SEP 23, 2016

As founders of a new type of Mum group based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we‘ve had the privilege of bringing together lots of like-minded Mamas, many of whom are not only raising a baby but also building a business at the same time. With two businesses and four children between us, we’ve put together a selection of tips for mums thinking about setting up their own business with a baby on board:

  • Seize the day - If you have the inkling of an idea don’t wait until you have enough time, money, or are less sleep deprived to do something about it. You’ll never have enough time, money or sleep to embark upon this life change and you’ll always find a reason not to do it. Just do it!
  • Baby steps – Don’t try to do everything at once, break down your ideas and what you need to do into easy to achieve, bite sized chunks. That way it will seem less daunting and you’ll be less likely to talk yourself out of doing it. If you can start your business along side your current job (by working in the evenings/weekends) or whilst you are on maternity leave, this may make it less daunting than giving up your day job to pursue a new business.
  • Find your tribe – Look for support from other mums. Maybe at your local NCT group, play/toddler groups, school/preschool but also on social media (Instagram’s Mama community is seriously strong, welcoming and supportive). Whether or not they also run their own businesses, rest assured they would be there for you with ideas, positivity and encouragement (and also maybe a G & T when you really need it). Plus social media is a great (not to mention free) way of promoting your business to your target audience – for all its faults, we could not have created Mum’s the Word without it.
  • Don’t try to be Superwoman – This was something that the amazingly inspiring Steph Douglas from Don’t Buy Her Flowers said at our first #MamasMeetUps and it’s so true… “Men can do the grocery shopping too!” As Mums we often try to do everything… mum, nurse, teacher, cook, cleaner, wife, friend etc. etc. and if you’re throwing business owner into that mix too you’ll need to be realistic and get some help. Whether that is from your husband, partner, family or friends – don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • #Miracle Mornings – This is another great tip from one of the mums in our business group, and fellow business owner Clare Lush, who writes a blog called ‘My Tunbridge Wells’. Clare says that if you’re struggling for time or find it difficult to get work done in the evenings or during the daytime, why not try doing a few #miraclemornings! Miracle Mornings are where you get up as early as possible before the rest of the house is awake and get as much done before everyone wakes up. It’s a great way to get ahead of yourself before everyday chaos descends when the children wake up.

Running your own business is not always the easy route, it takes guts and determination plus the ability to seriously multi-task. BUT the flexibility around your family and being your own boss is (in our opinion) seriously worth all the hard work! Good Luck Mamas!


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