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Beauty must have: The Natural Deodorant Co.

Beauty must have: The Natural Deodorant Co.

| JUL 12, 2016

We all like to smell good.  Especially womenFeeling fresh and smelling good is just as important, if not more so, as putting on make-up every morning. So it’s no surprise that for the ‘green beauty’ convert, switching to a greener deodorant is the last thing on the list. Most of us worry they won’t work and we’ll be clamping our arms tight, stressing about how we smell.  

Unless you’ve been hiding out somewhere, you’ve probably heard concerns about mainstream antiperspirantsThe worst whisper is that they contain aluminium, possibly linked to breast cancer.  Whether true or not, we don’t want to risk our health.  And apparently, it’s not just usMany shoppers are seeking natural alternatives But finding a good one that works as well as mainstream deodorants is like hunting for gold dust Well, we’ve found it!  

The worst whisper is that they contain aluminium, possibly linked to breast cancer.

The Natural Deodorant Co. is a must have for the health-conscious beauty addict.  Their balms are made with super pure, organic and wild ingredients that work.  They really do.  Zero fillers, alcohol and aluminium; just natural ingredients bursting with refreshing essential oils.   Our favourite is the Active Deodorant Balm This lightly whipped balm feels delicate on the skin and provides all day protection.  We couldn’t believe it.  It resisted school drop offs with tantrums on the way, dashing between meetings across London and an end of day 60-minute yoga session.    


Laurie Saunders founded The Natural Deodorant Co. from the desire to create the perfect deodorant.  A clean and minimal approach is reflected in both the packaging design and the ingredients used Each line has been formulated to ensure all-day protection with a range of 100% natural scents to choose from.  

We tick all these boxes, and more, so you can relax.

Quality, purity and efficacy in everything we make for you.

Additive Free

Complete transparency

Made in Norway & UK

UK family owned

3rd Party Tested

Free From Nasties