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Guide to body brushing

Guide to body brushing

| JUL 7, 2016

Our friends at skincare brand Balance Me have produced this quick guide to body brushing.  We found it really useful. If you’re anything like us you know you should do it, you probably even have a brush by the shower but you’ve never quite known what on earth you should be doing…  Read on to learn how to body brush like a pro. Our friends at balance me guarantee you’ll see a difference after one week…

Body brushing regularly, as well as body massage, will enhance muscle tone, drain away toxins and prevent cellulite. Combine this technique with complementary products and you’ll see quick results.

What is body brushing?

Body brushing is the practice of scrubbing skin with a dry brush as a way to exfoliate skin and improve circulation. This is one treatment you’ll find at a luxury Spa that can be done effectively at home, as long as you follow the correct technique and have the right tools.

Why is body brushing important?

It’s important for many reasons.  Firstly it’s a great way to exfoliate skin; it will gently remove dead skin cells (encouraging cell renewal) to instantly improve your skin’s appearance and done regularly, brushing reduces and prevents cellulite.

Most importantly it has real health benefits too; body brushing increases blood circulation, helping to pump oxygen to your skin, as well as aiding lymphatic drainage, which encourages your body to remove any toxins. It also helps with muscle tone and stimulates nerve endings.


How to body brush like a pro

We recommend a technique which involves 3 simple steps.

Step 1:  Start on dry skin before bathing. Begin by brushing in a small circular stroke, building to longer, smooth strokes. Always start at your ankles and work upward – this is the direction lymphatic fluid flows through the body and it’s always best to work with your body, rather than against it.

Step 2:  The exception to this rule is your back, when brushing your back begin at the neck and work down towards your lower back. Be cautious of sensitive areas and never brush over inflamed skin, sores, and sunburn or skin cancer.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished dry body brushing, wash away dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores and follow with body oil or cream for total nourishment.

If you only remember one thing…

Post body brushing is the optimal time to apply any body products. If you have a particular concern, dry skin or loss of firmness use products that cater to your needs after body brushing. Not only will they melt into the skin quickly, but they’ll also absorb more deeply making them more effective. Additionally, applying your favourite body oil with gentle massage will increase relaxation and wellbeing.

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