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A model to evolve beyond a crisis

| JUN 3, 2020

The nature of a crisis can affect all of us in many ways. When there’s a threat it’s natural to have a stress related response and the current level of challenges are likely to put the pressure on. 

There are three significant stages we are likely to experience as we change, evolve and grow through a crisis. When we understand and learn how to move through these stages, we open up an opportunity to create something new, innovative and impactful.

Stage 1: Anxiety

Anxiety is designed to keep us safe and aware of potential threats so we can avoid them. Understanding the purpose of negative thoughts and feelings is important for us so we don’t become stuck. We’re likely to feel uncertain and out of control during this process and it’s normal to feel a lot of resistance at this stage. Denial, disbelief, anger, avoidance, confusion, blame and bargaining are also likely. It’s important to know that anxiety and fear are a physical experience, so releasing feelings in the body is the best place to start to move forward.

I recommend a regular yoga practice because the physical postures and sequences will help release body-based tension. It’s much easier to relax and accept change if you start with releasing what is held in the body. 

Breathwork is also key. You can integrate this into your yoga practice or find a dedicated teacher to guide you. You can even search online as there are many excellent videos to help you learn how to breath to release anxiety. Mindfulness practices and an honest conversation with a friend can also go a long way to alleviate these feelings and start you on the path to the next stage.


Stage 2: Acceptance

Acceptance is about facing the uncomfortable reality with fresh eyes. There’s likely to be a time in your life that you’ve overcome difficulty and faced uncertainty but have found a way to cope. Remember that if you’ve done it before, even on a lesser scale, you can do it again. Giving yourself enough space for reflection and making peace with the discomfort are important steps in allowing you to move on.  

Stage 3: Adaptation

This stage is a dynamic period of creation. It’s like the phoenix rising out of flames where something new can rise and a new way of life is born. Some of the old ways you’ve been conducting life might fall away but what you replace it with is up to you. This is a time for innovative thinking combined with a higher state of mind. This difficult situation has shown us that we are all deeply connected so it’s an opportunity to change, grow and evolve together.

Sal’s strength is to help his clients develop two of the most significant qualities we need to succeed and be fulfilled - courage and consciousness.

Using a blend of psychology, neuroscience, existentialism, yoga, bodywork and somatic awareness, Sal helps people make positive changes in their life and work. Sal created his pioneering approach to coaching that combines mindset (thinking/cognition), mood (emotions) and movement (body dynamics and body language). When these three levels are integrated they build mental fitness, emotional resilience and a courageous mindset.

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