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3 simple ways to cope as a runner in isolation

| APR 1, 2020

During these unpredictable times where our routine is thrown into chaos and everything that makes sense to us is taken away, finding a new routine is key. During periods of stress, running is a coping strategy for lots of us, as well as a mood booster, a purpose and a social connection. It’s part of our identity. Being able to adapt both mentally and physically to the best of our ability must be our collective priority. Here are 3 ways to cope during this uncertain time…

What is your goal?

Having a clear goal can really help provide structure and purpose. This goal should be really achievable and needs to work around your personal situation which will be different and evolving for everyone daily.

Now is a perfect time to work on all the imbalances and niggles you have not had time for.  Developing a stronger core, better leg balance, buttock and leg strength, posture, breathing and stretching are all great goals. You could choose to focus on one for the day or week. Above all, having a good rest and focusing on quality nutrition is vital.

Let go and realign your races

If you have been training hard for your first marathon, raised lots for charity or perhaps you just love being with people in a fitness class, it’s natural to feel disheartened. Having things taken away from us is challenging, especially when we’re surrounded by uncertainty and more anticipated loss in our lives.


Write down how you feel about your races and social events being cancelled, and all the fears you have. There is no right or wrong way to feel, so try to reduce it, breathe deep and let it all go.  When you feel ready, look into the latter months of 2020/2021 and think about what events you may like to do. You can then sketch a timeline to see when you would need to start training effectively for your goal and see if it’s possible.  Connect with your communities and clubs weekly at the time you would train through group messenger or phone call and keep sharing stories, photos and support.

Make the best use of your time

Many people I coach for endurance events often say they don’t have time to do other simple things like sorting out their finances, talking to friends and reading. Now is the time for many of us to do these things, it might not be quite how we expected and with a whole load of uncertainty, yet we do have the time and it’s important we face these areas. When you’re ready, think about what you can do day by day to help yourself and those around you. What would like to have done by the Autumn?

If you have any questions or would like support, please do get in contact with me. You can connect with me on Instagram at @kimingelby. In the meantime, stay at home, keep well, care and connect.  We are here for you. Coach Kim x

Written by Kim Ingleby Mind Body Expert & Wild Adventure Runner

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