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New mum essentials: 5 items you can’t live without

| SEP 2, 2016

You can be made to feel that you need to buy everything and anything in order to be a ‘good’ new mum.  As long as you and your baby are happy and healthy, what more could you want… well, apart from a little bit more sleep?!

Of course, there are the big things to buy; somewhere for your baby to sleep and a pushchair. But there are a few smaller items that I couldn’t live without in the early days of parenthood.

1. Muslins

Not only do they mop up a multitude of bodily fluids and milk, they can also provide a source of comfort for your little one.  They take on your smell when they’re laid between you both while feeding.  Comforting and practical get a bit tick in my book.

2. Snooze shade

A universal buggy blackout blind is a godsend.  Especially on holiday when your little one can be carted around in the buggy for dinner with you in the evenings. A safe, UV blackout blind ensured holiday meals were peaceful whilst our bubs slept in darkness.

3. A carrier/sling

Whether it’s a sling or carrier you prefer, hands-free time is often something you’re short of as a new mum.  Newborns often love the soothing motion and being close to mama, so another all-round parenting win.

4. Bath & room thermometer

As a new parent, something you don’t want to be guessing is the temperature. The chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is higher in babies who get too hot, so the advice is to keep baby’s room at a comfortable 16-20° C. This can feel quite cold to us adults, so having a room thermometer really helps put your mind at ease.

5. Sleepsuits, sleepsuits and more sleepsuitsbare-biology-pregnancy-new-mum-essentials-5-items-you-cant-live-without-sleepsuit-baby

Yes cute baby dresses, shoes and shirts are nice. But, what a new mum really needs is an endless supply of sleepsuits. It never ceased to amaze me quite how many times I might have to change my baby in the space of a day. You can never have enough.

About Lucinda Hutton

Lucinda runs Nurturing Mums – a popular postnatal course in North London & now St Albans.  This five-week course offers practical, non-judgemental advice on sleep, weaning, baby development and first aid.  Lucinda lives in North London with her husband and 19-month old son, Teddy.

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