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a pregnant woman stretching

Bumps & Burpees’ top 3 maternity exercises

| DEC 13, 2023

We’re so excited. Charlie Launder, head of pre and post natal training at Bumps & Burpees (one of London’s most exclusive fitness studios for maternity) is sharing her workout secrets with us. When it comes to fitness for mums, Charlie has it all covered. It’s not uncommon for her to get you exercising while sorting your childcare. She’s every mum's dream. Here she shares her top 3 moves for keeping fit and firm throughout pregnancy. Over to you Charlie.

If you’re pregnant and want to workout, it’s best to opt for exercises that get as many muscles working as possible with the least amount of movement. I love recommending compound movements to our pregnant clients. They work two or more joints at the same time, stimulating entire muscle groups. As a result, you’ll get a more efficient workout. It’ll help to strengthen your body too, keeping you trim and toned throughout your pregnancy. These are my top 3 movements that I include in all the prenatal training programmes at Bumps & Burpees. 

1. Squat

Bare-Biology-fitness-bumps-and-burpees-top-3-exercises-for-maternityThe squat is an exercise that works a huge number of muscle groups. I love it because it can be done in so many ways, keeping your routine varied. For beginners I’d recommend bodyweight squats. It’s a basic squat movement without adding weights. When you feel comfortable, you can start to include weights in your routine. For the super fit and confident you can even combine the squat with another exercise such as a press. This involves lifting the weights above your shoulders on your way up from the squat position. Squats are so versatile that they can be adapted to suit your various stages of pregnancy and strength levels. It’s about going with what feels right for you.

Charlie’s safety tip: Don’t add any weight to your squats until you're comfortable with the movement. Once you’re confident, increase weights steadily to ensure your safety. Sit backwards into the squat, keeping your weight predominately over your heels, push the knees out (not your feet) and keep looking up ahead of you.

2. Row

bare-biology-fitness-bumps-and-burpees-top-3-exercises-for-pregnancy-rowIt’s so important to keep a strong upper back throughout your pregnancy. It reduces the risk of lower back pain when your bump grows and keeps your posture upright.  Back pain is also common in pregnancy because the abdominal muscles start to weaken. So it’s important to work your entire upper body. That’s why rowing exercises are my favourite for pregnant clients. It strengthens and works your arms, shoulders and stomach. This movement can be done in many ways, using a TRX, cable machine or by simply leaning on a bench.

Charlie’s safety tip: to avoid straining your neck try to keep your shoulders relaxed. Imagine squeezing a pen in between your shoulder blades while pulling your arms back. Be sure to use your back as well as your arms to squeeze tight.

3. Twist 

bare-biology-fitness-bumps-and-burpees-top-3-exercises-for-maternity-twistDuring pregnancy your abdominal muscles will slowly stretch apart, losing their function. But this doesn’t mean they need to switch off completely. Your obliques, the so called six pack we all dream of, are important because they support your growing bump and help to prevent lower back pain. Plus, they keep your bump nice and tight, helping you to look your best throughout your pregnancy.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate twisting movements into your workout depending on what equipment you have available. You can use a medicine ball, cable machine, resistance band, dumbbell or even a bottle of water. Twist side to side while maintaining control and an upright posture throughout the entire movement. This will guarantee your abdominals stay strong.

Charlie’s safety tip: Don’t twist with a weight that is too heavy for you. Lighter weights are often better because you can really control the movement and focus on which muscles you should be using. If the weight is too heavy your arms will take over and your core won’t benefit.

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