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rise & shine omega 3 and vitamin d3 capsules in a straw bag

How to travel with fish oil supplements

| JUL 20, 2018

Jogging along a beach at sunrise, practising yoga amid the palm trees…just because you’re going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to leave your healthy habits at home.

Taking your usual daily dose of omega-3 is a great way to keep up your good work while you’re away. But you can’t just toss an already-opened bottle in your suitcase and hope for the best. Because it’s an oil, it can easily leak when it’s not sealed tightly. And when it does leak it makes an annoying mess that’s very hard to clean up.  

Making the effort to pack your fish oil carefully means the omega-3 and your lovely new beach clothes will survive the journey intact. So if you're going on holiday and want to take your trusty bottle with you we have a few top travel tips to help.

  • Should you pack fish oil in your suitcase or carry on luggage?

  • Your fish oil is fine to pack in your checked-in luggage. The aircraft hold is usually quite cool with temperatures of about 7° C so it won’t overheat and damage all that lovely omega-3. But what if you’re only taking carry-on luggage?

    Aircraft rules for liquids mean you’ll need to decant your 150ml Life & Soul liquid into a smaller bottle, one that holds no more than 100ml. Make sure the bottles are clean by sterilising them in the dishwasher and ideally the ones you choose should be BPA free. After all, you’ve chosen a fish oil that’s free from toxins so it’s a good idea to keep the bottle free from nasties too!

    Once decanted you’ll need to put the bottle in a transparent, resealable plastic bag to get it through security. Luckily this has the added bonus of providing an extra layer of protection from leaks.

    And there’s another advantage to taking fish oil in your carry-on bag - air pressure. Your bottle is less likely to go through too many air pressure changes if it’s in the cabin, so this way you have a better chance of avoiding leaks.

    Worried that the ziplock bag won’t stop the bottle leaking all over your laptop? Try the cling film method. Before you go, unscrew the top of your plastic bottle, place a square of cling film over the opening, then screw the top back on firmly. You could also use clear tape or micro-pore to seal the gap where the lid joins the container.

  • How to pack your fish oil in your suitcase 

    If you’ve decided your fish oil is going in your checked-in suitcase the big question is should you keep it in its glass bottle or decant into a plastic one? Unfortunately neither is without risk. The glass bottle could break with some over-enthusiastic baggage handling, while the air in plastic bottles can expand due to changes in air pressure making it more prone to leakage.

    If you’re going to keep your Life & Soul fish oil in its glass bottle, pack it in the middle of your suitcase. If it’s on the outer edges it’s more likely to break if your bag gets the rough treatment. Wrap the glass bottle tightly in cling film, then bubble-wrap, before finally putting it amid all the soft stuff in your case, like socks and t-shirts.

    Decided to decant? Test your bottle for leaks before you leave for the airport by placing it at different angles (upside down, on the side and so on). Then wrap it in cling film and put it in a ziplock bag or cool bag. Make sure you don’t put it near to any precious or electronic items, just in case!

    How to keep your fish oil cool

    Going on a long, hot car journey? If your fresh bottle of omega-3 is sat in the heat it can turn rancid. Invest in a small cool bag for longer car journeys so your bottle doesn't go to waste. And don't forget to pop it in the fridge as soon as you get to your destination.

    Top tip: Swap liquid for capsules

    Our Life & Soul omega-3 mini capsules make the perfect travel companion, especially if you're getting on a flight. You can decant the amount you need into a smaller pot and just pop them in your suitcase. 

    Unlike the liquid which needs to be kept in the fridge, our capsules keep well in ambient or cool storage. So when you get to your holiday destination it’s fine to keep them in your bag, on a countertop or even in a drawer as long as it’s not too hot, in which case they should just go in the fridge.

    Check you’re allowed to take fish oil to your holiday destination

    Be wary about taking your fish oil to countries like Australia and New Zealand that have extremely strict quarantine laws.

    If you’re flying Down Under, you’ll get an Incoming Passenger Card on the plane. If you’re carrying food, plant matter, or animal products you must declare them by ticking yes on this legal form. Fail to declare and you could receive a hefty on-the-spot fine.

    Keeping your fish oil unopened and in its original packaging makes it easier for quarantine officers to identify it and decide if you are allowed to bring it in. If you’ve decanted your fish oil it may be confiscated.

    And there you have it. Follow our fish oil packing tips and enjoy some happy, healthy and leak-free travels. 

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