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My healthy London: Frances Phillips's favourite healthy hangouts in the city

| NOV 2, 2016

1. Borough Market

I love spending the day at this wonderful place. I pick up organic vegetables for dinner, a juice from Total Organics and a coffee from Monmouth. It’s got a great vibe on the weekend but can get really busy so I try to go on a Thursday or Friday if I can.

2. Hampstead Heath

Living in a city, I crave the outdoor space so will often go to one of London’s numerous parks. Hampstead Heath is one of my favourites for an afternoon stroll. 

3. Barrecore


My favourite workout for almost instant results. I feel lengthened and stretched out afterwards.

4. Planet Organic

One-stop-shop for everything! Healthy snacks, juices & smoothies, natural beauty products and supplements.

5. Whole Foods Market, Kensington

I always come out with more than I need! 

6. Daylesford

I often find myself at this farm-to-table organic café. Great for weekend brunch then grabbing some groceries (and a chocolate brownie!) from the shop on the way out.

7. The Workshop Gymnasium


Love the friendly team and the no-fuss space here. It’s what a gym should be. I love Classwork (the group classes) including Pilates, yoga, circuit training and boxing. It’s great to have such a mix of workouts so I’m constantly challenging myself.

8. Press

There are so many juice bars on offer in London now so it’s hard to pick just one. Press is where I find myself the most due to its selection of cold pressed organic juices in a great central location.

9. Box Clever Sports 

I love boxing and I love these guys! Pete and Jamie at Box Clever Sports are so great. Tough but always fun!

10. The Duke of Cambridge

Those who know me know that I’m not a complete purist! When I have foods that people consider “naughty”, I look more so at the quality of the ingredients than whether or not it is “bad” for me. The Duke of Cambridge in Islington was the world’s first certified organic pub. I love that you know the quality of the produce (and alcohol) is going to be the best. In fact, Riverford (the suppliers) have a restaurant on their farm in Devon, which I also love!

Frances Phillips is a model and holistic health coach. She's graced the front cover of GQ magazine, modelled for luxury fashion brands and is often seen in the beauty pages of Elle and Glamour magazine. You can follow her lifestyle every month in our magazine or on her Instagram account.

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