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What your hair says about your health

| MAR 15, 2018

Your hair will be the first part of your body to show signs of nutrient deficiency and may be key to helping you to determine your level of health. For example, it could reveal whether you are one of the 30% of people who are anaemic. Conditions like Anemia can be managed or reversed by upping your nutrient intake. This can be achieved through both dietary changes and supplements. Damaged hair, when combined with other symptoms such as joint pain, can reveal dietary deficiencies and should be managed with vitamin intake.

What your hair could be telling you


Generally speaking, poor quality hair is a result of vitamin deficiency, which in turn may cause a health condition. The exact deficiency will be dependent upon the problems you are experiencing. If hair is dry and brittle, then it is likely due to a lack of iron, zinc and vitamin C. Flakes in the hair, on the other hand, is likely a response to vitamin A deficiency. Split ends and hair loss are usually a result of low protein and iron intake. 

The symptoms listed above may be a sign of anaemia, thyroid problems or hormone imbalances. Fortunately, these can be remedied by changing your diet.

Your diet can help


A good diet can reverse hair problems, leaving it looking fuller and your body feeling healthier. The key is to consume as many nutrient dense foods as possible, especially fruits, vegetables and seeds. To get a quick intake of vitamins and minerals, try drinking a smoothie each morning.

If you think the problem is due to an iron deficiency, then you need leafy greens such as kale and spinach. Dried fruit and nuts can be a perfect snack replacement for crisps and chocolate, which contain few nutrients. You should stock up on foods containing fatty acids and protein, such as avocados, fish, eggs and red meat. This will ensure your protein and iron are at healthy levels.

Benefits of Omega 3


Sometimes you might be too busy to consume enough vegetables to hit your required vitamin intake. This is where supplements can provide enormous value. Taking high-quality fish oil will balance hormones, making the hair less dry and brittle and the scalp less itchy and flaky.

Caring for your hair is a way of caring for your health. If the hair is healthy, then there’s a good chance you are getting the right vitamins and minerals your body needs. 


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