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Women in wellness | Susannah Taylor

| MAR 8, 2018

In light of International Women's Day, we interviewed some of the most influential and inspirational women working in the wellness industry - and we were spoilt for choice! Susannah Taylor, is an editor-at-large, journalist and founder of Get The Gloss. In this article, Susannah shares her experience of the wellness industry and why it's important to stay true to yourself...

What does working in the wellness industry mean to you?

I am honoured to be working in an industry that promotes something good and well-meaning. I also have personally been on quite a fitness and health journey myself and only really got fit at 37 so know from a personal point of view how it can change your life for the better.

Who are you inspired by & why?

I'll be honest it's not anyone famous  - I'm not inspired by glossy celebs or picture-perfect people with concrete abs, a perfect wardrobe or bloggers with thousands of followers.  I am inspired by people who strive to do good in this world and who work their backsides off. Two people that spring to mind are journalist Bryony Gordon and my bestie Nicola Elliott who runs Neom Organics which she built from nothing. 

What tips would you give other women wanting to get into your business?

To be yourself and be genuine - you can spot fakery a mile off. Work hard and be nice to people - always -the age of the monstrous boss is over.  Don't take a good opportunity for granted and be different and stand out from the crowd. Lastly do what comes to you naturally as this is what you will do best.

What are your three top tips?

Eat fresh food, move and don't eat too much sugar  - I swear it causes all manner of illnesses.

Enjoy life, we are only here once on this planet - make the most of it. Don't let work dominate's not the be-all-and-end-all.

Get the hell off of social media at least for a bit. Granted we all use it and it looks pretty but isn't real life. It's a facade.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Never before in life have women been in a greater position and equality is in reaching distance with men. Once upon a time, women didn't have a voice and now we do and are crushing so many stereotypes and stopping unacceptable behaviour. We are truly amazing human beings and I feel this is an amazing time to be female. We rock!

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