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Women in wellness | Charli Cohen

| MAR 8, 2018

In light of International Women's Day, we interviewed some of the most influential and inspirational women working in the wellness industry - and we were spoilt for choice! Charli Cohen is the founder of technical fashion brand CHARLI COHEN. In this article, Charli chats to us about why the fitness industry is more than just gym selfies...

What does working in the wellness industry mean to you?

It means an ability to open the conversation around what wellness means. It’s not about green juice and avo toast and gym selfies. It’s about self care in every sense, about optimising, about being honest about your mind and body’s needs. It’s understanding that not everyone’s interpretation of wellness is the same, making space and creating resources for all these interpretations.

Who are you inspired by & why?

Anyone brave enough to challenge the status quo for something they believe in, even when they know it’ll receive backlash or slow down their path to success - picking up on an undercurrent of malcontent or need for change. Whether that’s in art, culture, politics, tech - from Maya Angelou to Basquiat to Elon Musk. I want to be brave enough to do things on my own terms and according to my own interpretation of where the world is going, even though I know fitting into someone else’s widely accepted ideas would be an easier road. 

What tips would you give other women wanting to get into your business?

Know your numbers, know how your customer wants to be spoken to and get some low-risk, relevant experience under your belt first. A fashion business relies on so many different elements coming together at very specific times - you need to be confident in how all of those elements work, even if your passion just relates to one of them.

What are your three top tips?

Trust your gut.

Always assume that you only know a fraction of all there is to know about your field (and that it’ll keep changing and evolving, so your base of knowledge and experience needs to too).

Develop a good filter for other people’s advice. Some will sit right and some won’t - even when it’s coming from an experienced pro, it’s not always going to be right for your specific situation or vision. 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s a celebration of equality. Our history includes centuries of women’s achievements being underplayed, suppressed or even punished. IWD, for those societies who are able to celebrate it, is a symbol that this can never and will never happen again. It’s also a potent reminder that there are still women in other cultures around the world who cannot enjoy this privilege and who need our help and support.  

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