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The mind body connection and does it matter?

| DEC 2, 2016

‘Where you stand, be the soul of that place’ Rumi. 

I love this quote and idea.

As you read this, I wonder how your body feels and what your thoughts are like?  Sometimes we have days when everything is overwhelming and you just can’t find a way forward.  And then we have those wonderful days when everything flows easily. I wonder if you notice what you do, think and feel differently on those days. 

I really believe the mind-body connection matters.  Professionally as a result of all the training I’ve done with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and mBraining (the brain, heart, gut and neuro-science connection).  Also in fitness, food and many other things.  On a personal level, my belief in the connection was reinforced recently during my recovery from Post Weils Encephalitis which affects my liver, kidneys, neurology and brain.


Photograph by Luis Ilerena

Here are a few tools I use regularly, which I hope will help you strengthen a positive mind-body connection, as we head towards the festive time and into the New Year:

  1. Make a weekly plan highlighting one thing that will help your mind, and another which will help your body to feel well. Write them down, acknowledge them and really feel the difference they make.
  1. At the end of each day, do a quick ‘mind-body audit’. Jot down how much energy you have, how your sleep has been and the nature of your thoughts.  Choose one of the areas to adjust slightly and improve the following day.  By doing this every day, the tiny changes will help to strengthen your mind-body connection.
  1. At the beginning and end of each day, take 6 deep breaths. Breathing in what you would like to feel (confidence, energy or happiness for example) and breathing out any anxiety and tension. Notice as you breathe where you feel tightness in your body, and really focus your intention on relaxing those areas.


Photograph by Simson Petrol
  1. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and ideas that support your intentions. Search out books, music, movement, fresh food, hydration and fun that uplift you and make you feel good. So even if you’ve had a really stressful day, you’re adding positive little moments that will improve your wellbeing in both mind and body.
  1. Take time out every now and then just to switch off, or at least slow the busy pace of life, especially during the festive season. Check in on how you’re really feeling.  What one thing could you do to enhance your wellness?  Perhaps it’s having the courage to say no to a party so you can rest and sleep. Or perhaps it’s having the confidence to say yes and boost you laughter and fun.  Whatever you choose, just make sure you take moments to check in with your mind and body so you look after yourself.
  1. Do a random act of kindness for someone during this festive period. It could be anything from a charity donation, to volunteering or doing a charity Santa Run. Something that makes you feel good, and gives to others will boost your mind-body connection.

Omega 3 could help improve the mind-body connection by strengthening the nervous system and overall wellbeing.

Having studied the physiology of the body, the neurology of our thoughts and the neuroscientific connections between the head, heart and gut, I believe there is a real connection.  Science continues to prove the benefits of positive movement, thoughts and habits for our overall health and wellbeing.  I’d love you to choose one of the tools each week and see how you can improve your mind-body connection and I wish you the happiest of festive times.

P.S. from Kim: Omega 3 could help improve the mind-body connection by strengthening the nervous system and overall wellbeing. Give it a go, combine it with a good diet for 3 months and see if you notice the difference.

Kim Ingleby has the passion and skills to help you make your dreams your achievements and ‘what if I could do or feel this’ happen.  She has done a TEDx talk on overcoming adversity and how to be brave following three years of complex neurological, brain and liver problems from Post Weils Encephalitis.  She has raised nearly £80k for charity, coached Team GB, Body Confidence for Women & Strictly Come Dancing Pros. She is a Triple Award Winning Personal Trainer, DNAFit Consultant, NLP Confidence Master Coach & Team GB Sports Therapist. Kim loves adventures, cooking, photography and training her super rescue dog Jake.

Main photograph by Chad Madden

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