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The UK's purest & strongest Omega 3 loved by health & beauty experts

  • DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules Pregnancy Bare Biology

    New! One a day capsules for Pregnancy.
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  • DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil for children Super Hero Bare Biology

    1ml drop contains same Omega 3 as a tin of sardines
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  • Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil super high EPA DHA Bare Biology

    1st & only UK brand certified free from heavy metals or contaminants by the International Fish Oil Standards programme
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  • Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil capsules Bare Biology

    Cleanse, tone, supplement, moisturise
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  • Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil super pure Bare Biology

    "The Ultimate Skin Plumper" InStyle Magazine
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The only UK Omega 3 fish oil with a 5 star rating from IFOS, our oils have the highest levels of fatty acids EPA & DHA, they're completely free from heavy metals & other nasty contaminants and they're fresh, so they taste good & are easy to digest.

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