Omega 3 reviews

Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil liquid

"The highest quality supplement I've found, full stop. Everything you could wish for. It's not often I can find the perfect combination and quality of product. Well worth the investment in yourself and great taste."


"Lion Heart Liquid was recommended for my 14-year-old daughter, and my other 10-year-old daughter started taking it with her. I was immediately impressed that both girls who are very fussy with tastes have taken the product with no problem at all. I have made a repeat order as I would like to make this part of our daily lives. I'm glad all 3 of us are giving this a go together."


"I’m amazed by this oil - how does it not have any unpleasant taste or repeat afterwards?! I thought I couldn’t take fish oils, that they were too rich for my body, but I’m so glad I trusted the reviews and tried this. It feels clean and light and only tastes of a mild lemon flavour."


"I choose Lion Heart as the name alone caught my eye, the product looked top quality. I really appreciated the fact that it is Mercury free and the paperwork is there to back it up such good quality, it's worth paying that bit extra"


"I have been buying Lion Heart Liquid for over 2 years now. I purchase this product due to the high-quality nature of the Omega 3 oil and because of its superior strength."


"It is the best on the market, nothing else compares at the moment. I find it easy to take, the taste is fine and my kids take the Super Hero oil without any fuss. I have also taken the mini capsules in the past and they are also fab. It’s part of my daily diet now I wouldn’t be without."


Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil capsules

"They are very high quality. Easy to swallow. Very affordable. The company has great ethics from what I've researched. Sustainably sourced. Recyclable containers. Excellent products!"


"They are the purest and strongest fish oil I can find and as a Nutritional Therapist, this is really important to me. I recommend them to my clients, friends, and family. I have always had positive results from Bare Biology products."


"Great little Omega 3 you can take with meals. Have seen improvement since taking them and the small capsules are especially good and easy to take. Really good to know about the quality testing and how this is also published on the website - great product."


"I appreciate that they don’t use pork gelatin. It contains a good amount of Omega 3 for my body composition and health. The mini capsules are great to travel with."


"These Lion Heart capsules are amazing. Teeny, tiny, super charged and absolutely 100% ZERO aftertaste. No Nemo burps here people!"Caroline Hirons

Lion Heart Maxi Omega 3 capsules

"Simply the best fish oil about. I have tried and used all the products and was delighted when they bought out Maxi caps, allowing you to take just 2 capsules in one day. I’ve used the brand for several years now and can definitely feel the difference."

Leon Taylor

"I chose Bare Biology because of its pure fish oils plus the fact the Maxi capsules are easy to swallow with no fishy after taste (a very big plus). My orders have always been correct and have arrived promptly."


"I love that my Maxi capsules can travel with me for work and pleasure. They are easy to take, never repeat and best of all I'm assured of 5* quality! Fantastic customer service I received when making enquiries. Free shipping is also a great bonus!"


Super Hero Omega 3 fish oil liquid

"My children just take it with breakfast and they don’t need a chaser of something sweet or ‘nice’. It’s super easy. I like mine and it goes down no problem and no repeating. I’m happy."


"My children love their "super brain juice". They're told their whole school it's the secret to their impressive math skills. Great taste and well worth the investment."


"I have a very fussy 4-year-old and didn’t think it would be possible to get him to swallow a spoonful of Omega 3 that only contained natural flavourings and no sweeteners. I really thought I was going to have to bribe him to take it. Much to my surprise, he loves the Super Hero liquid so much. He actually considers it a “treat” and if I forget to give it to him he reminds me."


"I love the purity and quality of their products, plus the subscription service is so handy! It's so hard to get small children to eat enough of the good stuff - I've worried about this for years and now have piece of mind that my daughter is getting the nutritional support her little body needs."


"This is the best fish oil in the world! Bon appetite!"Stella - aged 8

Bump & Glory Omega 3 fish oil capsules

"I have been taking this supplement throughout my pregnancy and now during breastfeeding. I love that I only need to take one capsule a day and I’m reassured by all the product testing that the oil is pure and doesn't contain any heavy metals."


"They don't have a bad aftertaste and it is reassuring that one capsule contains the Omega 3 found in a tin of sardines - and is Mercury free."


"I really struggled to find a pregnancy safe high-quality Omega 3 supplement and the Bump & Glory capsules are one of the best on the market in my opinion. I also felt confident I was helping my baby in the best way I could."


"The capsules are easy to swallow, have no after taste, and come in beautiful packaging with clear information."Suzanna

Mindful Omega 3 fish oil capsules

"I have bought these capsules for my own family and they have been amazing. Taken regularly they have made a real difference. The capsules are easy to take."


"This is an excellent product that is so easy to take, with no aftertaste. I love the ethos behind the company and find the website very informative. The auto delivery service is very efficient."


"After reading several reviews recommending Bare Biology products I felt happy to try the Mindful capsules. This is a great product, thank you!"