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Let this panel of experts guide you through a month of easy and sustainable self improvement.

Leon Taylor

Performance Coach

Meet your Performance Coach, Leon Taylor. Three-time Olympic athlete, BBC Sports commentator and mentor to diving sensation Tom Daley. Leon was the first British Olympian in over 44 years to win a silver medal in diving at the Athens Olympics. He’ll be offering you weekly motivational tips to keep you on top of your New Year goals.

Vicky Silverthorn

Professional Organiser

Say hello to Vicky Silverthorn, your Professional Organiser for the New Year. Vicky will declutter your home and your mind so you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Vicky is the author of ‘Start with your Sock Drawer’ and Founder of You Need a Vicky, a professional organisation company. She’s helped to streamline the homes of A-list clients from Suki Waterhouse, Ayda and Robbie Williams to Jamie Dornan and Jonathan Ross. Now she’s here to help you.

Louisa Drake

Fitness Professional

Louisa Drake is your Fitness Professional. She’ll stretch you out, tone you up and have you feeling your best by day 30. Louisa is the Founder of the Louisa Drake Method and a fitness teacher at several of London’s hot spots including Equinox, Shoreditch House and The Detox Kitchen. She’s worked with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham. And now you.

Kay Ali

Nutritional Therapist

Meet Kay Ali, your Nutritional Therapist for 2017. She’s put together a food plan that’s so easy, you won’t believe it. Kay is Head of Nutrition at Bare Biology. She has over ten years experience working in the health industry and is a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. You’re in safe hands.

Olga Levancuka

Life Coach

Olga Levancuka will help you transform your life. Consider her your personal Life Coach. Author of ‘How To Be Selfish’ and ‘Increase Your Confidence in One Day,’ Olga has coached some of the UK’s most prominent entrepreneurs, celebrities and household political names.

Palma Michel

Meditation Coach

Learn how to live mindfully and meditate with Palma Michel, your Meditation Coach. Palma is the Co-Founder of Profuse29, a company that introduces mindfulness and mindful leadership to companies like London School of Economics and The Soho House Group. Palma is the author of ‘The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership.’

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