"Mindful is specifically designed for our brains to make it easier for people suffering to find the product they need."

Melanie Lawson, CEO and founder of Bare Biology

Support your mental health from the inside out


At Bare Biology we believe the mood-boosting properties of Omega 3 should be easily available for everyone. And that’s why we’re launching Mindful, our brand new product designed to nourish and support the brain.

Fresh and pure, it contains all the vital DHA the brain needs in one small, easy-to-take daily dose.

The Mindful Story

The range we have is already perfect to support our brains, but we wanted to launch something specifically designed for our brains to make it easier for people suffering to find the product they need. It’s not always obvious, when perusing the aisles of a health food store, to know what supplements are for. Hopefully our Mindful packaging will make it easy!

Why Mindful?

DHA is generally considered the most important of the Omega 3 fatty acids when it comes to brain function. That’s because, besides being the building blocks of the brain cells themselves, DHA can help regulate some important chemical messengers in the brain.

However, our bodies cannot produce enough brain-nourishing DHA on their own, so we need to make sure we’re consuming enough of it through our diet or as a supplement.

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What’s inside Mindful?

One daily capsule of Mindful contains 560mg of DHA and 40g EPA from small, oily fish - more than a whole tin of sardines.

 The fish we use are wild, never farmed and there are no chemicals or nasties lurking - and we can prove it. Every batch is certified and awarded a 5-star purity and quality rating from International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS), the highest accolade you can receive and a guarantee of purity, freshness and strength.

Each pot contains 30 capsules which is a month’s supply of your essential Omega 3 fish oil intake. And at £16 for a month’s supply, it will cost just 53p a day to support your healthy mind.

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Mindful and Mental Health Mates

By taking Mindful each day you won’t just be boosting your own well-being, you’ll also be doing your bit to support the mental health of others.

That’s because £1 from every product sold will be donated to Mental Health Mates, an initiative founded by best-selling author Bryony Gordon who has documented her own struggles with OCD and depression in her Telegraph column.

Bryony decided she wanted to meet other people suffering from mental illness and provide a space where people could walk and talk about their problems without fear of judgement. From a single walk on Valentine’s Day in Hyde Park in 2016 with almost 20 people, a global mental-health network was formed. Mental Health Mates is now in 30 towns and cities around the world.

Bryony says: “If you have mental health problems, sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to help yourself except take antidepressants. And to me, that’s part of my story, but not my whole story.

Since forming Mental Health Mates I’ve learned that managing my condition takes a more holistic approach that involves exercise, therapy, sleep and looking at my diet and nutrition. Of course, not one single thing on its own will cure you, but all of these things combined together puts you in a place where you are more likely to be able to move forwards with your mental illness.

That’s why partnering with Bare Biology felt so right. For me taking my fish oil everyday is all about self care. It’s that little act in the morning of doing something positive for myself and for the rest of the day it makes it more likely that I’m going to do more positive things.”

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