We’ve said goodbye to Omega Points!

Thank you so much for being such a loyal customer and for signing up to our Omega Points loyalty scheme.  To be really honest, we’ve reviewed it and have decided it’s not working well for our customers.  We can do a lot better.  We WILL do a lot better!
We're working on a much better rewards scheme, which will be much more exciting and the best bit is, you won’t need to lift a finger.  You won’t need to sign up to anything, or keep track of points or remember to redeem them.  We’ll just surprise you with lovely things!

You won't be able to earn points any more but you have until the end of March to redeem any you already have.

It’s really easy, you just log into your account, go to the Rewards section and click Redeem.  You’ll get a discount code to use off your next purchase.
All points must be used by the 31st March 2018, so please don’t miss out!
Any questions, email us and we’ll be happy to help!