Who are we forgetting to thank?

Who are we forgetting to thank?

Quite a random blog post this one.  A few days ago I received an email from James & James, our warehouse and fulfilment centre, to explain all the measures they’re putting in place to make sure they can stay open and how the current situation is affecting the services they provide.  I replied and this is what I said:

“A HUGE thank you from all of us at Bare Biology.  Without you our business wouldn’t stay operational.  You are doing an amazing job and when this is over, I’d like to buy you a drink!

Seriously, we’ve noticed no change in service and are hugely grateful to you all.  I’ve been able to keep all my team employed and we couldn’t do it without you. Keep going and stay well!”

A fairly standard thank you email.  But the response I received made me realise that nobody, or hardly anybody, had thanked them.  They sent my email to the whole company and said it had boosted their morale and could they put it on their website.

So it got me thinking about all the other people we’re not thanking and what we could do to put that right.  There are the obvious ones of course, the ones that go without saying.  The doctors, nurses, paramedics, all NHS support staff and the cleaners in the hospitals.  The teachers, the army, the police.  But the people who deliver our food shops, the post, deliveries in general, the people making sure we have electricity, water and internet (INTERNET!!! Imagine if that goes down!).  Civil servants and politicians (yes, politicians).  Vets.  Farmers.  The people who are still collecting our rubbish and recycling so we don’t have bins piling up.


I know I have forgotten many people so don’t take offence!  My point is, we assume these people know they’re valued and that we appreciate them.  But do they?  I guess my kids appreciate me but they never tell me.  If they ever did I’d keel over and burst into tears with joy and relief.  So let’s tell these people.  Let’s thank them or say we’re grateful they’re still doing their jobs, even though they’re just as scared or anxious as we are.

I’m going to start by leaving a fat tip in an envelope for the food delivery person this weekend.  I always used to tip them but now we can’t get close because they leave the shopping at the gate, I don’t see them.

We’re also going to launch a campaign week after next, when Liv our Social Media Manager returns from her staycation in her flat, where we’ll ask you to nominate someone you want to thank and we’ll pick one each week to receive a free product.

Right, I’ll leave you to start thanking people.  Not to be mistaken with spanking!  Bye for now.  Stay well and stay sane.

By Melanie Lawson

Melanie Lawson is the founder and owner of Bare Biology and still runs the business today. Melanie personally oversees all new product development, customer service and quality standards. Melanie also writes lots of our content, newsletters and blog posts and loves hearing from you!

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