What to expect in week 4 of Bi30

What to expect in week 4 of Bi30

So, how did you get on last week? We’ve been on this lifestyle plan for three weeks now and we’ve got two more to go.  It’s not realistic to expect ourselves to change everything, remember what Leon Taylor said?  It’s about ‘turning a dial’ rather than trying to overhaul our entire lifestyle.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

I think if we change just one thing that means we feel happier and better, that’s progress and a great start to the New Year.  We humans are happiest when we’re striving and when we’re growing.  Recent research shows that the best way to protect our brains from degeneration is to struggle – the process of finding solutions and experiencing some stress keeps the brain fit and agile.  Sudoku puzzles aren’t enough apparently.

I also heard a good quote courtesy of my husband the other day (courtesy of some ex SAS guy or similar) which is, “pain is weakness leaving the body”.  Next time you’re struggling to keep the motivation during exercise, remember that one!


This week we’re going to hear from Leon Taylor about how to start off the day right.  It’s true isn’t it? Remember when your Mum used to accuse you of getting out of the bed the wrong side? How we start the day dictates a lot of the rest of it.


Kay Ali tackles detoxing.  Proper detoxing which is done safely, sensibly and sustainably.  Not some faddy detoxing that is just some marketing gimmick.


Louisa Drake teaches us how to sweat to improve detoxification.  We love a bit of sweat. 


Palma Michel tackles one of the biggest challenges of modern times:  how to stop obsessively checking our iPhones and email.  Something I’ve been working hard at and my top tip is this – put your phone in a different room and turn to silent.  You soon forget about it.


Vicky Silverthorn helps us to organise our workspace so we’re more productive, I totally need to do this…


Olga Levancuka talks about something lots of people think about in January – changing careers.  It’s that time of year isn’t it?  She has some helpful strategies to make it less daunting.

Enjoy this week!  And don’t forget to share the #betterin30 hashtag to increase your chances of winning an hour with one of our experts and spot prizes of our Omega 3.

Melanie Lawson, Founder of Bare Biology. 

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