What to expect in week 3 of Bi30

What to expect in week 3 of Bi30

Week 2 of Better in 30 was really productive.  I loved Leon Taylor’s idea of creating sticky habits and as such have taken on a personal trainer to make sure exercise isn’t something I do in fits and bursts only when my willpower is strong enough.  If you haven’t taken Kay Ali’s ‘eat more fat to lose fat’ advice, start it now – it really does make a difference.  I love Louisa Drake’s stretches, partly because they involve lying down rather than running up and down stairs!

 You get less bloated as you chew properly.

We also learnt about mindful eating last week and this is something I’m personally really bad at.  I do sit down to eat and have dinner with my husband every night, but I eat quickly (a habit developed as a child to stop my older brother stealing my roast potatoes) and I often don’t notice what I’m eating as much as I should.  It really does make a difference and you feel more satisfied.  You also get less bloated as you chew properly.

Vicky Silverthorn’s article on clearing out the kitchen was also a great one, it makes total sense and I had a good old chucking out session of weird flours and dried up old herbs.  And finally, Olga talked to us about finding a hobby.  I’ve combined my fitness and sticky habit forming with a hobby, which is weight training.  I’ll have Michelle Obama arms in no time.

So what can you expect this week?


Photograph by Oly Barnsley

Leon Taylor talks to us about rewarding our progress and success.  Sadly rewarding losing weight with chocolate isn’t on his list of advice, but we all focus far too much on how far we still have to go rather than how far we have come.  It really does help keep up the motivation.  Kay Ali explores how we can upgrade our proteins and Louisa Drake has a brilliant piece about how to eat to build muscle.  Building muscle is key to good health and energy and is easier than you might think.

Palma Michel teaches us how to be mindful while we exercise and in day-to-day activities.  It’s not just about sitting quietly and meditating, we can be present throughout the day.

Unwanted Christmas gifts?  A wardrobe stuffed with things you never wear?  Vicky Silverthorn shows us how to detox our wardrobe this week.  It’s something I do several times a year and I absolutely love it and highly recommend it.  It’s a great thing to do in January before you go mad sale shopping.  You’ll think twice about buying that bargain citrus lemon dress you may never wear…

Don’t forget to tell us how you’re getting on and share the hashtag #betterin30 for your chance to win an hour with one of our experts and spot prizes of our fish oils.

Enjoy week 3!

Melanie Lawson, Founder of Bare Biology. 

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