What to expect in week 2 of Better in 30

What to expect in week 2 of Better in 30

Last week we learned how to make committed decisions, upgrade our carbs, sculpt our muscles, declutter our home, reduce anxiety and use mindfulness techniques.  How did you get on?  I have been putting the tools into practice and am feeling much more positive – a sense that I’m making real progress without feeling hard done by.

This week we move into the next phase but remember to keep up the good work from last week.  It’s a cumulative effect of good habits, upgrades and new tools that we’re after.


Tomorrow you’ll hear from Leon Taylor who’ll be teaching you how to create ‘sticky habits’.  The great thing about habits is they require no will power, which is an exhaustible and finite resource.  We need to programme our ‘computer’ brain to make good choices so they’re automatic rather than an effort.


Kay Ali is all about the fats this week and weight loss, oh yeah – what we all want right?  How to burn fat, by eating the right fat.  Sounds counterintuitive, but it totally works and has amazing health benefits to boot.  You’ll continue with your detoxification, but don’t worry there’s still no juice fasts in sight.


Louisa Drake is going to show you how to stretch for better bowel health.  Some nice yoga moves you can fit easily into your daily routine.  Basically, it’s all about the guts!  Good guts mean happy brains and bodies.


Palma Michel is going to teach you how to eat mindfully.  How often do we sit in front of the TV eating and don’t even taste our food?  She gives us some really helpful tips that will lead to better digestion, weight loss and increased life satisfaction.


Vicky Silverthorn will help you tackle your fridge and food cupboards.  Having the right kitchen organisation system and being able to access healthy foods easily are key to making the right choices.  We need to make our lives as easy as possible and with a bit of work up front, you can transform the way you approach cooking.


Olga Levancuka talks hobbies!  Yes, hobbies.  Stamp collecting and the like.  Seriously, enriching our lives with things that help us learn and grow is brilliant for our mental health and overall happiness.  Knitting anyone?

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Melanie Lawson, Founder of Bare Biology.

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