What to expect in the final week of Better in 30

What to expect in the final week of Better in 30

It’s the end of January, can you believe it?  It’ll be Easter soon and Spring is on the horizon.  Hopefully after doing Better in 30 this month you’ll feel equipped to get through February.  The toughest month of all in my opinion.

How did you get on last week?  My desk is looking super tidy and I’ve been following Vicky’s tip to leave it tidy the night before, it really helps reduce the mental overload the next morning.  I’ve also been working hard at being more present in my day-to-day life and resisting the urge to constantly check my phone.  I feel much more peaceful and calm as a result.  My children also appreciate me looking at them when they talk rather than down at my phone. 

So in this final week, what can you look forward to?


Leon Taylor arms us with some wise words to see us through the rest of the year and to encourage us to stick with the good work so far.


Kay Ali will tell us about the 80/20 rule and how you can use Better in 30 throughout the year to enhance your lifestyle; continuing with gradual upgrades and working towards better health in an organic way. 


Louisa Drake gives us crucial tips on how to keep our fitness regime going beyond January, and to make it a firm part of our lifestyle.


Palma Michel teaches us how to make mindfulness part of our every day life with some great little hints and tips that make a big difference to our mental wellbeing.


Vicky Silverthorn shows us how to get organised and stay organised.  We’ve put in the hard work so far sorting our wardrobes, kitchens and offices.  Now let’s stay on top of it and get our entire homes running like clockwork.


And finally, Olga Levancuka talks balance.  The thing we ultimately strive for and the thing that brings us the most happiness.

Good luck this week!  And don’t forget to share the #betterin30 hashtag to increase your chances of winning an hour with one of our experts and spot prizes of our Omega 3.

Melanie Lawson, Founder of Bare Biology. 

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