Top 5 tips to help eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis from the experts at Hope's Relief

Top 5 tips to help eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis from the experts at Hope's Relief

We love Hope's Relief, it's the best cream we've found for eczema and our founder's daughter has been using it for years.  So we were delighted when Hope's Relief skincare advisor Lindsey Miller agreed to share her top 5 tips to help with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Identify common food triggers

The most common of these are cow’s milk (dairy), eggs, soya, wheat, fish and nuts. Solanaceae or deadly nightshade family food groups can also cause problems for some people, these include potatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and peppers. I often find that tomatoes and orange juice can be the hidden food culprits in conditions such as eczema (and they can also make conditions such as arthritis worse too). Alcohol is another common trigger, which can dry the skin and exacerbate itching.

Basket of lemons

Avoid topical irritants.

These can be found in the form of detergents and surfactants – which can range from household cleaning agents to the products we use to clean our own bodies. Choose natural, unperfumed products and don’t over wash. Also be aware that the latex gloves many people wear to protect their skin when washing up or cleaning can actually cause an allergic reaction too.

Look after your diet.

Eat plenty of cold-water oily fish or take an Omega 3 fish oil supplement (with a good level of EPA) to help reduce some inflammation within the body. Also, keep hydrated – make sure you get your 2 litres of water a day. I like to start the day off with a glass of hot water and a squeeze of lemon to cleanse the system.

Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil pack shot

Watch out for hidden irritants.

Nickel found in many jewellery items; studs of jeans, zips and watch straps can cause allergic reactions in some people, as can leather dye and tannins. Watch out if going bare foot in summer sandals or where belts and straps may touch the skin.

Finally, relax.

Stress is a common trigger, which also seems to make scratching worse. Seek help if you are suffering from stress. Counselling, yoga, gentle exercise, meditation and sometimes a good old chat with a trusted friend can help ease some of life’s pressures. And it’s true what they say - regular, sound sleep can help many things including the repair of skin or our ability to manage it and face the day ahead.

Lindsey works with Hope’s Relief, Australia’s #1 natural skincare range which is specially formulated to nourish deep down and help repair the skin’s natural barrier. Picking the right skincare products is essential to help maintain healthy skin. Hope's Relief has been developed from over 35 years of research by naturopaths and is now sold worldwide. It is ‘Australia’s No.1’ Natural Eczema Cream, and has received numerous awards here in the UK.Hope's Relief product range for eczema

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