'Show us your bump in all its glory' competition: And the winner is...

'Show us your bump in all its glory' competition: And the winner is...

We’re all about celebrating you super mums.  That’s why last month we ran a fabulous competition, ‘Show us your bump in all its glory.’ Lucky for us, the launch of our pregnancy Bump & Glory Omega 3 capsules in Liberty London was the perfect excuse.  We had so much fun learning about your journeys into motherhood and loved seeing all of your beautiful bumps.  Thank you! If we could, we’d make you all winners. But we had to choose just one.

Meet our winner, Bertie.  We love how she makes maternity fashion seem like a walk in the park. Bertie is one half of the super-stylish mummy duo MotherShoppers.  These lovely London ladies make effortless style simple for expectant and busy mums to, in their words, “help you get dressed not stressed”.  Anything to make our lives easier!  Bertie shares how Bump & Glory Omega 3 supports her mother-of-two lifestyle.

Why did you enter the Bump & Glory competition?


During my first pregnancy I didn’t take many photos of my bump.  During those 9 months I didn’t feel like myself because I couldn’t dress as I wanted. I lost my sense of style, my identity and eventually my confidence too.  As a stylist, it was a very alien feeling for me!  It was partly because of this that we started our blog Mothershoppers.  We felt there wasn't an accessible style blog for mums with bumps, breast-feeding mums or simply busy mums who want practical style with minimum effort.  The blog was born as my bump grew, which meant I had to work on my style and take lots of photos - which I loved!  I actually miss my bump now - which is why I entered the competition.  Women should celebrate their changing bodies during pregnancy.  We’re creating a new life, it’s such a beautiful and amazing thing!

Have you enjoyed using your Bump & Glory capsules so far?

Yes.  I had my placenta made into capsules and they had just run out when I received my B&G goodies.  I think it’s hard to eat well as a new mum, especially when you have a toddler too and you're not getting much sleep.  It’s great to know I’m at least getting some goodness into my body every day via these little capsules. I would definitely recommend them - they'd be a lovely new mum pressie actually!